Image Resizing

Some members have been having problems meeting our new Competition specification for digital images, because of the asymmetric sizing requirements.  Users of Picasa or PS Elements in particular have a problem because the programs do not offer the ability to change both dimensions. So instead I am suggesting a better solution, to use the freeware program IrfanView to perform the resizing.  Full instructions are now included on the PDI Specification page.

For Mac users, the problem appears to be the Mail program – you have to ensure you have checked the “Actual Size” box when attaching images, or they will be sent much smaller than required.

Welcome to our new website

After much behind the scenes work over the last few months we have now launched this new website, based on the popular WordPress system. Our hope is that this will provide the springboard for a more dynamic and up-to-date site, serving the interests of all our members as well as providing an opportunity for prospective members, or just interested members of the public, to see what we do, and enjoy some of our photography.

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Permajet are coming..

Here are details from PermaJet of the Art & Framing Roadshow that will be at the Oval Cricket Ground on Tuesday 27th September.
There is no admittance charge & no need to register either. With no seminars to dash off to you can arrive when you want & stay as long as you need. There is plenty of free parking & even the refreshments are free.