2018-19 Mono Print League Table

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Club Class

2018-19 Birchall Trophy for Mono PrintsRound 1Round 2Round 3Total
Peter Beard17.014.031.0
Colin Bradfield16.016.032.0
Gary Coomber16.00.016.0
Chris Cumming15.514.530.0
Malcolm Field18.016.034.0
Jane Gautrey16.514.030.5
Simon Henderson18.519.037.5
Graham Idle16.014.030.0
Lesley Idle15.015.030.0
Carole Mills15.517.032.5
Dominic Murtagh16.015.531.5
Neil O'Brien17.515.032.5
John Pearson18.515.033.5
Thor Simpson15.016.531.5
Seb Springbett17.016.533.5
Andrea Watson17.516.534.0
Christopher West15.014.529.5
Graham White18.017.535.5
Barbara Witherington17.017.534.5
Roger Matthews15.515.5
Alan Tarrant15.515.5
Rehana Uddin15.515.5
Nick Withers14.014.0

Advanced Class

2018-19 Phillips Cup for Mono PrintsRound 1Round 2Round 3Total
Mike Barker17.015.032.0
Sarah Bedwell LRPS17.018.035.0
Simon Bedwell LRPS19.516.536.0
Marie-Ange Bouchard ARPS CPAGB16.516.032.5
Jon Cowdock LRPS15.015.530.5
Paul Earnell LRPS16.014.030.0
Allister Frost15.515.5
Alan Gristwood LRPS17.017.534.5
Colvin Hazzard7.07.0
John Nathan ARPS14.514.529.0
Peter O'Hare18.516.535.0
Clare Pickett LRPS14.514.028.5
Marcus Scott-Taggart18.016.534.5
Brian Smith LRPS17.017.034.0
Peter Veale17.518.035.5