New Members Welcome! Here’s how to join TPS

Rear View Mirror by Roger Matthews

At TPS, we welcome everyone who has an interest in photography, whether they are complete beginners or have years of experience behind a camera. Our premises are fully accessible to the disabled and it doesn’t matter what equipment you use to take photos. Some members have fancy digital SLRs while others just use their smartphones. You will need to know how to get your pictures out of your camera or phone to take part in our competition events, but we’re here to give you support and guidance to quickly get up to speed. For some competitions, you’ll need to get your images printed, either with your own printer or at a store, but again we’ll help you decide the easiest way to do this.

Our membership year starts in September each year and the annual subscription for 2018-19 is £57. That’s less than £1.50 per week, and gives access to 16 expert speaker sessions and all club competitions. We also host occasional social events and outings which members are welcome to join. If you elect to join part-way through the season, the subscription fee will be discounted pro rata.

Small club, big ambitions

As a small, local camera club we have a limited number of membership places available and these are issued on a first-come-first-served basis. When we reach our maximum membership number of 75 we have a waiting list for new members in order to keep things fair. If you’d like to join, please apply early to avoid disappointment or delays.

Ready to dive in?

Surf’s Up by Allister Frost

We love welcoming new members to the club. If you’d like to become a full member of TPS, please print out the New Member Joining Form which you can download from here. Printed copies are also available at any of our meeting evenings. Simply complete the form and email a copy to or bring it to one of our meetings. If we have a space available, you’ll then need to pay the subscription fee (discounted pro rata depending on the date you choose to join) by cash, cheque or online through Paypal by sending your payment directly to If we don’t have a space, you’ll be placed on the waiting list and we’ll get you into the club as soon as possible.

Want to ‘try before you buy’?

If you’d like to find out more about the club and visit one of our evening meetings, please feel free to come along. We meet most Thursday evenings (September to May) from 8-10pm and location details can be found here.

When attending for the very first time, it’s helpful if you can let us know you’re coming (use the form below) so we can hook you up with a friendly Committee Member to show you around and answer any questions you may have.

To get in touch, drop us an email at

We look forward to welcoming you to TPS!