Alec Braid Panel Competition Guidelines

The Alec Braid competitions are divided into 3 sections, the winner of each section receiving a different trophy. As of 2009 there is no restriction on content or theme, but all sections require each submission to comprise 3 images to be presented side-by-side as a single panel.

The 3 sections are:

  • Colour Prints – Alec Braid Shield – 3 mounted prints (preferably no larger than 40cm wide)
  • Monochrome Prints – Silver Medal – same as above
  • Projected Digital Images (PDI) – Bronze Medal – 3 images conforming to the current standard TPS format requirements – see our normal PDI guidelines on how to create PDI submissions.

All submitted print panels are displayed together on the club easels, and viewed under normal room lighting. Because of space constraints, members are requested to limit the width of their mounts to no greater than 40cm. For aesthetic reasons, mounts should normally be of the same size and colour for a single panel.

PDI panels should be submitted by email to no later than the Saturday preceding the competition. The files must be named according to the following convention:

<initials>-<title> -1.jpg, -2 and -3, where 1, 2 & 3 identify their position on screen.
(1 = Left, 2 = Centre, and 3= Right).
The title should be the title of the whole panel – i.e same for all 3 images   (This allows for multiple panels to be submitted by any person).

All files to have your normal initials prefix.
e.g. for a panel titled ‘Old Fogies’, the 3 files are named:

  • BSS – Old Fogies-1.jpg (left)
  • BSS – Old Fogies-2.jpg (centre)
  • BSS – Old Fogies-3.jpg (right)

The panel is initially displayed as 3 images side by side, in equal amounts of screen space, so ideally all images should be similar sizes or they will look higgledy-piggledy.

Members may submit up to 3 panels in each section. The competition will be judged by an external judge, who will select an outright winner in each section, as well as lower placings and possibly commendations.