Announcing our new Flickr Groups for TPS365/52/12 in 2019

Our shiny new Flickr Groups for 2019 are now live and TPS Members can join today!

You need have a free or Pro account on Flickr and be signed in before you can join a group. And we recommend you join groups from a PC/Mac (not on a smartphone/tablet) for best results:

To join TPS 365 (one photo each day), go to and click +Join Group

To join TPS 52 (one photo each week), go to and click +Join Group

To join TPS12 (one photo each month), go to and click +Join Group

We’ll explain everything you need to know about successfully completing one or more of our 2019 challenges at our TPS meeting on 3rd January. So, for now, all you need to do is join the group(s) you’d like to be part of and get ready to contribute your photos throughout the year ahead.

If joining TPS 365, your challenge starts on 1st January so remember to start snapping on New Year’s Day. If joining TPS 365, your first weekly photo is due by Sunday 6th January. And if joining TPS12, well, put your feet up and relax; you have until 31st January to submit your first photo.