Announcing our new Flickr Groups for TPS365/52/12 in 2019

Our shiny new Flickr Groups for 2019 are now live and TPS Members can join today!

You need have a free or Pro account on Flickr and be signed in before you can join a group. And we recommend you join groups from a PC/Mac (not on a smartphone/tablet) for best results:

To join TPS 365 (one photo each day), go to and click +Join Group

To join TPS 52 (one photo each week), go to and click +Join Group

To join TPS12 (one photo each month), go to and click +Join Group

We’ll explain everything you need to know about successfully completing one or more of our 2019 challenges at our TPS meeting on 3rd January. So, for now, all you need to do is join the group(s) you’d like to be part of and get ready to contribute your photos throughout the year ahead.

If joining TPS 365, your challenge starts on 1st January so remember to start snapping on New Year’s Day. If joining TPS 365, your first weekly photo is due by Sunday 6th January. And if joining TPS12, well, put your feet up and relax; you have until 31st January to submit your first photo.

Call for Speakers – Share your TPS365/52/12 Story and Inspire Others

Over recent years, many TPS members have taken part in a fun challenge to encourage them to take and share more pictures. And if you’ve taken part, this is your chance to reflect on your journey and inspire others to take part in 2019.

A bit of background: At the start of 2018, we created three groups on Flickr, the popular photo sharing site, and members were invited to join one or several groups. The challenge: to upload one photo each day (TPS365), week (TPS52) or month (TPS12).

We’ll be continuing this tradition in 2019 and our first meeting of the New Year will be dedicated to launching our new challenges. Make a note in your diary: Thursday 3rd January 2019 at 8pm.

If you’ve taken part in TPS365, TPS52 or TPS12 in 2018, we want to hear your story. There are three ways to take part:

(A) Send in up to five (5) of your favourite photos from your year on TPS365/52/12 by emailing them to We may include some of your selected photos in our review of the year. If your photos are too big to send by email you may prefer to send them through a free service like

(B) Be one of our speakers on 3rd January 2019. You’ll have up to five (5) minutes to show a few of your photos from the year and share what you enjoyed and learned from the experience. Don’t worry if you’re not used to public speaking; this will be a friendly, fun evening and it’s always a treat to hear from our members! We especially love learning how TPS’ers approached the challenge, any hurdles they had to overcome, and their advice for those eager to take part in 2019. All we’ll need from you are a few of your favourite images and, if you want to get fancy, some PowerPoint slides to help you tell your story. Don’t worry if you’ve not used PowerPoint before; I can compile your images for you. Just let me know the order you’d like them to appear on the night (e.g. by numbering the file names)

(C) Be a TPS Superhero and do both (A) and (B) above. Go on, you know you want to!

GET INVOLVED TODAY: Please email me, Allister, at, to confirm how you’d like to take part. Once I have enough volunteers I’ll send out further details.

So, what are you waiting for?! Get in touch now!

The Results! PDI Competition Round Two

The votes are in! The first person to be leaving “I’m a Photographer, Get Me Out of Here” is…

Thankfully, we don’t do evictions at TPS! Instead, we focus on helping you take and share lots of great images to generate fresh ideas for your next outing with a camera.

Round 2 of our 2018-19 PDI (Projected Digital Image) competition was reviewed by our Guest Judge Stephen Carroll ARPS on 29th November. As always, we enjoyed seeing some cracking photos and several clever TPS members managed to score perfect 10/10 marks. Well done to Chris Cumming, Graham Idle, Rehana Uddin and Marie-Ange Bouchard.

The full Round 2 scores are now available, as well as the current overall standings table for our PDI competition. Jean-Paul Burch and Rehana Uddin are tied in first place in the Club Class, while John Nathan has a wafer-thin lead in the Advanced Class. There’s everything to play for in Round 3 on 14th March 2019 and plenty of time to grab some fabulous images to help you finish this season’s PDI competition in style!

Even when it’s raining,
it’s still Camera O’Clock 

I’ve added some of the judge’s favourite photos from Round 2 to the galleries below. Thanks to everyone who organised, took part, and, most importantly, learned something that will help improve their photography skills in this competition. Keep snapping!

[Click on images to expand]



Next week, don’t forget, we’ll be in the hall behind the Godstone Baptist Church (next to the Shell Service Station) when guest speaker Lisa Beaney will be showing us how to manage and edit photos in Adobe Lightroom. Be there! 8-10pm on Thursday 6th December.

New Speaker: 22 November

On Thursday 22 November we’re making a change to our previously scheduled programme to hear from a new guest speaker, Adrian Davies.

Mould on Satsuma in visible and ultraviolet light

Mould on Satsuma in visible and ultraviolet light © Adrian Davies

Adrian is an author, wildlife and natural history photographer, and highly experienced speaker. He was one of the first people in the UK to use a digital camera (over 20 years ago, the mighty Kodak DCS100!) and has been an advocate of digital imaging ever since. Adrian runs workshops for organisations including Nikon (but, if you shoot with another brand, please don’t hold that against him ;-), the British Institute of Professional Photographers, the Royal Photographic Society, the Field Studies Council and the Royal Horticultural Society. He co-wrote one of the first books about digital imaging (Electronic Imaging for Photographers, 1994) a title which ran to 4 editions and has since written several other books and dozens of magazines articles.

Adrian’s talk will be entitled “Colour in Nature – Visible and Invisible.”

Check out Adrian’s website at and we’ll look forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

Competition Report: Mono Prints Rounds 1

We kicked off our 2018-19 Monochrome Prints Competition in style on 15th November with guest judge Ken Scott ARPS explaining how monochrome images offer photographers wonderful opportunities to simplify their subject and focus the viewer’s attention where needed. And our TPS members’ images didn’t disappoint!

Ken praised the quality of images, particularly in the Club Class and, as always, had the challenging task of picking out his favourite prints of the night.

There were five perfect scorers and well-deserved congratulations go to Andrea Watson, Graham White, Simon Henderson, Peter O’Hare and Simon Bedwell.

The full scores are available here.

We’ve compiled the top scoring images in the galleries below for your enjoyment and, we hope, inspiration! Round 2 of our monochrome competition will be on 31st January 2019 so we’ve all plenty of time to shoot and print some magical images.

Well done to everyone who took part and we hope you took away some fresh ideas for your next photographic outing.

Now, please enjoy some truly stunning photos: