Cloquet Set Subject Competition Scores 2018

Daphne Cloquet Trophy – Set Subject : CURVES

Winner: Simon Bedwell LRPS

Label 1Label 2Label 3
Simon Bedwell LRPSDune10
Mike Crisp The Open Road10
Clare Pickett LRPSTunnel vision10
Brian Smith LRPSQuadrants9.5
Graham White My features are the best9.5
Mike Barker City Hall Curves9
Seb Springbett Derelict boat at Dungeness9
Anthea Hearne-Dudman Big whisk9
Alan Gristwood LRPSTram Lines8.5
Brian Smith LRPSWoodwork8.5
Dominic Murtagh Eye eye!8.5
Steve Elms Untitled8.5
Sarah Bedwell LRPSConcrete Curves8.5
John Howard Scottish Curves8
Claire Buswell Going round the bend8
Steve Elms The Boiler House8
Malcolm Field Islands8
Peter Veale A Work In Progress8
Malcolm Field Yellow Curves8
Kerry Munroe Carved columns at Angkor Wat8
Dominic Murtagh Snake pit8
Peter Veale Support Structure8
Neil O'Brien Atrium of Guggenheim Museum, New York7.5
Anthea Hearne-Dudman Small whisk7.5
Clare Pickett LRPSThe crystal ball7.5
Barbara Witherington Looking up7.5
Roger Matthews Bow Wave7..5
John Howard Test of Skill7.5
Neil O'Brien Two millennia of Pula Arena's stone curves7.5
John Nathan ARPSCurves7.5
Barbara Witherington City Hall7.5
Mike Barker Lined up in urnest7.5
Thor Simpson Just for fun7
Andrea Watson Marble Muse7
Graham White Curves are formed from a series of straight lines7
Simon Bedwell LRPSIce Bubbles7
Alan Gristwood LRPSWalkway7
John Nathan ARPSCurves within curves6.5
Sarah Bedwell LRPSCreeping Thaw6.5
Kerry Munroe Washington DC metro6
Thor Simpson 'Fonteyn' of water6
Andrea Watson Chelsea Flower Show6

Robin Cloquet Trophy – Set Subject : BE CREATIVE

Winner: Clare Pickett LRPS

NameImage TitleScore
Clare Pickett LRPSCreative thinking10
Anthea Hearne-Dudman Buddies10
Allister Frost Future Selfie10
Kerry Munroe Downtown Manhattan skyline9.5
Mike Barker Camera Zoom9.5
Sarah Bedwell LRPSThe Enchanted Forest9.5
Seb Springbett Rainy Day Bus number 2469
Sarah Bedwell LRPSA Walk in the Clouds9
John Howard Sax Player9
Brian Smith LRPSWhoosh9
Barbara Witherington A bird's eye view8.5
Mike Barker Southbank Ghosts8.5
Dominic Murtagh Shard and imposter8.5
Brian Smith LRPSSmile!8.5
Thor Simpson Moon and stars8.5
Andrea Watson Glastonbury8.5
Kerry Munroe New York shop window reflections8.5
Mike Crisp They're Off8
John Howard Old man in Cuba8
Allister Frost Skipping into the Sunset8
Simon Bedwell LRPSArc, Line and Shadow8
Steve Elms Stuff8
Clare Pickett LRPSStill life8
Alan Gristwood LRPSBehind Bars8
Barbara Witherington Reflection8
John Nathan ARPSTunnel vision8
Peter Veale Winter's End8
Steve Elms In space they can't hear you snack7.5
Anthea Hearne-Dudman A reflection of Brighton7.5
Roger Matthews A Moment In Time7.5
Andrea Watson Butterfly net7.5
Neil O'Brien Sixty-four thousand million whats! Never!7.5
John Nathan ARPSReflections in a bell7.5
Peter Veale Steel Face7.5
Graham White Mobile photo7.5
Roger Matthews The Face7.5
Dominic Murtagh Turbulence7.5
Simon Bedwell LRPSImpressions of The City7.5
Neil O'Brien Gin, tonic, lemon, ice-berg, Titanic... pissshed!7.5
Graham White Ghosts in a mausoleum7.5
Alan Gristwood LRPSFull Moon7
Thor Simpson By Jupiter7