Colour Print Scores 2018 Round 3

Competition held on 29 March 2018

Judge: David Smith LRPS CPAGB

Club Class

Peter Beard Just Good Friends8.5
Peter Beard If only I had my catapult7
Colin Bradfield Fallen Tree9.5
Colin Bradfield Blue Tit on Fence7
Gary Coomber Merlin Falls10
Gary Coomber Lighthouse at Burnham on sea8.5
Graham Idle Natures Bounty8
Graham Idle Fighting against the wind8
Lesley Idle Cheeky Robin9
Lesley Idle Before and after8
Roger Matthews Night Sky over Snowdon9
Roger Matthews Girl on a Bike8.5
Kerry Munroe Waiting dental appointment9
Kerry Munroe Missing - one horn7.5
Dominic Murtagh Ride London8.5
Dominic Murtagh Keep one foot on the ground7.5
Neil O'Brien Mirage on Florida Everglades at 95F7.5
Neil O'Brien Curvy advertising on Times Square7.5
Seb Springbett German Alps9.5
Seb Springbett A confusion of daisies7.5
Alan Tarrant British Wildlife Centre Photo Day Field Mouse8.5
Alan Tarrant Mount Rundle, Banff Canada7.5
Rehana Uddin Man with a hat8
Rehana Uddin Water Lilly and Reflection8
Richard Wallis Into the sun9.5
Richard Wallis Chick8
Andrea Watson Colours of Egypt9.5
Andrea Watson Sailing Away8.5
Graham White Looking up the walkway10
Graham White Human rights meusem8
Barbara Witherington Amaryllis10
Barbara Witherington Looking out to sea9.5

Advanced Class

Sarah Bedwell LRPSThe Old Chapel at Twilight9.5
Sarah Bedwell LRPSThe Last Colours of Autumn9
Simon Bedwell LRPSNight Watchmen9
Simon Bedwell LRPSThe Path Less Travelled8
Jon Cowdock LRPSThames Barge Edith May10
Jon Cowdock LRPSTravelling Backwards in Time8.5
Mike Crisp A Deer Amongst the Lanterns8
Mike Crisp Schoolgirl7.5
Allister Frost Train Hurtling Through8
Allister Frost Hungry Wildcat8
John Nathan ARPSScotland in Winter8
John Nathan ARPSSnowdon range from Capel Curig7.5
Peter O'Hare Entwined in Bloom10
Peter O'Hare Friendship under the broad Norfolk Skies8
Clare Pickett LRPSDried Orchid9.5
Clare Pickett LRPSHavana Taxi7.5
Brian Smith LRPSGrid View8.5
Brian Smith LRPSCapturing the Light8
Peter Veale Bursting Through8
Peter Veale Steps To Historic Chapel7