Latest Results for 2018-2019

Score tables for TPS 2018-19 competitions can be viewed below:

Projected Images:

Colour Prints:

Monochrome Prints:

Three-Panel Scores

Set Subject Scores

Natural History Scores


The confirmed winners for all 2018-19 Competitions are below:

Natural History Competition (Prints)
Natural History Competition (Projected Digital)
Robin Cloquet Trophy (Projected: STREET PHOTOGRAPHY)
Daphne Cloquet Trophy (Projected: LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY )
Margaret Streeton Cup (Colour Prints – Club)
David Moore Cup (Colour Prints – Advanced)
John Fox Trophy (Projected Digital – Club)
Philips Cup (Projected Digital – Advanced)
Birchall Trophy (Monochrome Prints – Club)
Philips Cup (Monochrome Prints – Advanced)
Ursula Spicer Trophy (Best Monochrome Print)
Shirley Daniell Shield (Best Colour Print)