Competition Submission Guidelines

In most cases we allow up to 2 photographs to be submitted by each member for any specific competition round – but read the Competitions Overview for a summary of each competition, and the TPS Handbook for specific details.

However, should competition entries reach an unmanageable number, the competition organisers reserve the right (after the closing date for each competition) to accept only one of the two entries made by each TPS member in PhotoEntry.

Should numbers of entries have to be cut, members will be informed by e-mail very soon after the closing date (and as soon as possible before the competition evening). To this end, please ensure that your favoured entry is always loaded as your No 1 in PhotoEntry; entry No 2 is the one that may be discounted. Obviously, the discounted entry can be used in a future competition.
It is envisaged that this would only apply, and only when necessary, to advanced class entries. Only in exceptional circumstances would club class entries be discounted.

The Internal Competitions Secretary is responsible for running the competition events, monitoring the submission criteria, and recording and maintaining the scoresheets. In addition, where PDI’s are involved, he/she is required to maintain the PhotoEntry submission system, and operate the display software during the competition.

Projected Digital (PDI)

For PDI competitions you must first prepare your images according to our PDI specification

Once you have your images correctly resized and re-named, you should login to the PhotoEntry system and upload your images. Submit your images no later than midnight on the Sunday before the day of the competition. Late entries will not be accepted. Do not bring images to the club – they cannot be accepted at this stage.


For print competitions, we also now require a PDI version of the printed image to be submitted, using the same specification as described above. Members should bring their prints to the club on the night of the competition (at least 15 minutes before the published time), or if they cannot attend in person, leave them with the Competitions Secretary or Club Secretary at an earlier date. Prints will be judged by placing them, standing free, on our custom Print Display stand. For this reason it is highly advisable to mount the print in some way, to at least provide suitable rigidity for standing free. Typically prints are mounted onto proprietary mountboard, with a bevelled reveal cut into the board, but this is not a requirement. You might also consider pasting your print directly onto the face of a card or foam board. Size and colour of mounting are purely cosmetic considerations, but whatever form of mounting you choose, the final product should not exceed 50×50 cm, or we may have difficulty in displaying it. 40×50 cm is the standard size recommended by the club, and is also a requirement for prints in external SPA competitions. For further details, see our Mounting Guidelines.

Prints must always be labelled on the back with the Name of the member, and the Title of the image clearly and legibly written – ideally use a large label, positioned to make clear the orientation of the image. Please bear in mind that during the competition, someone else has to be able to read your title in subdued light, and place your print the correct way up on the stand. The official club labels can be printed at home using this PDF Label file. Print onto a standard A4 page of adhesive labels – the labels are 8 per page at 99.1mm x 67.7mm. The Avery codes for suitable labels are: J8165 and L7165.

When entering prints for any competition (except Print Panels in the Alec Braid), it is now a mandatory requirement to upload a PDI of the printed image(s) to the PhotoEntry system – this enable the advance production of the scoresheet, and reduces the admin time required on the night. Your PDI’s should be formatted exactly as for the PDI competitions, as described above, and submitted before the normal deadline of Sunday night before the Competition.