Digital Match-a-PDI Contest

This is a FUN contest in which all members can participate.


Members are split into three teams – A, B & C – each of whom must select a panel of 45 PDI images to enter the competition. The images can be of any subject, from any members of the team, but ideally should include a wide range of subject matter. These do not have to be competition images – anything will do, especially those with more unusual subjects.

The images must be named with your team letter followed by a simple numeric sequence – e.g. A01.jpg, A02.jpg …. A45.jpg. (No spaces of hyphens).  Image format should be as for our normal PDI competitions – jpg files, 1600×1200 pixels maximum.

Each team should nominate a leader responsible for collating their images, and submitting them to the Competition Administrator at least one week before the competition evening. This can be done using a USB stick or memory card, or by zipping them up and placing them in DropBox, or similar.

Your team will also require a printout of thumbnails of all your pictures – or a laptop/tablet to display them on during the competition.

The Competition

All the images are pre-loaded onto the club laptop.

Team A will select an image and call out the number to the Competition Administrator. He/she will then show this image on the projector screen. The clock then counts down 30 seconds to allow the other teams to identify a potentially matching image. If a team does not nominate an image within the allotted time they are eliminated from this round.

The Judge then decides if each image ‘matches’ the original image – in any way!

Note: teams are encouraged to try and influence the Judge’s decision – we want a lively, fun evening after all!

Each matching image scores one point. The Judge then decides which of the matching images is the best picture – entirely objectively, of course. The winner gets an extra point.

The next round is initiated by Team B, and proceeds as above. Then team C lead… and so on until all 45 rounds have completed.

Note: From the 15th round on, the time allowed to choose a matching image is reduced by one second each round, down to 5 seconds. So matters get more frantic as the competition progresses.

The team with the most points at the end is declared the winner. They receive all the glory, and sometimes a prize!