Mono Print Scores 2019-20 Round 2

Competition date: 30 January 2020

Judge: Eddie Lord

Club Class

John Atfield3 Cats8.5
John AtfieldBike shadow8.5
Gaynor BaughThere's a tunnel at the end of the light7.5
Tim BaughWorthing Pier view8.0
Tim BaughFetch!8.0
Colin BradfieldLooking across to Easdale, Argyll8.0
Colin BradfieldMemories of Yesteryear8.5
Kirsti BrownBlood Red Rose9.5
Kirsti BrownSeashell7.0
Chris FentonHeavy Load8.5
Chris FentonDesert Shapes10.0
Malcolm FieldLong Way Down10.0
Malcolm FieldThames Barrier10.0
Jane GautreyDistant Trees7.5
Jane GautreyIghtham Mote Reflection9.0
John GribbleForties Singer Giving Her All9.0
John GribbleThe Stand Off8.5
Graham IdleShattered8.0
Lesley IdleSempervivum7.5
Angela ManceLights Please8.0
Angela ManceIron Circles8.0
Roger MatthewsDC But not a Comic9.0
Dominic MurtaghA very long siesta9.0
Dominic MurtaghOld school, new school8.5
Anouska NemchandAt the gig8.0
Anouska NemchandLooking up to the Angel of th North10.0
Susan PriceUnder Southwark Bridge8.0
Susan PriceMillipede on Melon7.5
Thor SimpsonOn Brighton Beach8.5
Thor SimpsonNesting7.5
Geoff SpriegelAtlantic in Winter9.5
Geoff SpriegelBlue Tit in Flight9.5
Seb SpringbettCafe Nero9.5
Seb SpringbettWaiting7.5
Jeff ViannaGroyne 168.5
Jeff ViannaIngenuity8.5
Gary WatsonNarrowboat7.0
Gary WatsonStraw7.5
Graham WhiteThe guitar man8.5
Graham WhiteBreakfast in the courtyard9.0
Jan YardleyEcho of the Statue8.5
Jan YardleyCharing Cross8.5

Advanced Class

Sarah BedwellFrosted7.5
Sarah BedwellIced8.5
Simon BedwellPiercing The Sky10.0
Simon BedwellThe Keep10.0
Jon CowdockTradesman's Entrance10.0
Jon CowdockScattered Showers, Bristol Channel9.5
Paul EarnellEast Grinsted station7.0
Paul EarnellFisher Monoplane6.0
John NathanClimate change9.0
John NathanJazz player8.5
Peter O'HareBracing for Impact8.0
Peter O'HareThe View to Mt Amargo, Southern Chile9.0
John PearsonAt Waterfalls End10.0
John PearsonLock up your Secrets8.5
Clare PickettJust chilling out!8.5
Clare PickettThe seagull's mansion7.5
Marcus Scott-TaggartVanishing Point8.5
Marcus Scott-TaggartTenby Lifeboat8.5
Brian SmithConcrete and Clouds8.0
Brian SmithElectric Light8.5
Peter VealeThe Potting Shed9.0
Peter VealeA Route Less Busy8.5