2018-19 Natural History Competition Scores

Judged by Bob Webzell ARPS EFIAP on 25th October 2018

Natural History – PDIs

NameImage TitleScore
Naidean Bailey The black swan7.0
Naidean Bailey Squirrel7.5
Sarah Bedwell LRPSLioness and Cub8.5
Sarah Bedwell LRPSEland Antelopes8.5
Simon Bedwell LRPSAfrican Buffalo8.5
Simon Bedwell LRPSGrey Crowned Crane8.5
Paul Earnell LRPSGreat Blue Heron (Ardea herodias)9.0
Paul Earnell LRPSRed Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris)8.5
Malcolm Field Red Squirrel Brownsea Island9.0
Malcolm Field Red Deer Richmond Park9.0
Jane Gautrey Comma Butterfly - Polygonia c-album9.5
Jane Gautrey Female House Sparrow - Passer Domesticus8.0
Colvin Hazzard I see you9.0
Colvin Hazzard Hide and seek7.5
John Howard Kittiwake with Juvenile8.5
John Howard Puffins on the Farne Islands Northumberland9.0
Carole Mills Female Tufted Duck and Ducklings (Aythya fuligula)8.0
Carole Mills Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus)8.5
John Nathan ARPSGuillemots and young on Farne islands9.0
John Nathan ARPSShag on Farne islands9.0
Neil O'Brien Urban fox in silhouette8.5
Clare Pickett LRPSVariegated grass9.0
Clare Pickett LRPSYellow garden spider9.0
Thor Simpson TRS1 Wet Hare Day10.0
Thor Simpson TRS2 on silent wings9.0
Brian Smith LRPSBrown Violet-ear, Ecuador9.5
Brian Smith LRPSSea Lion catching the sun9.0
Geoff Spriegel Male and Female African Lions8.0
Geoff Spriegel Giraffes - Masai Mara10.0
Seb Springbett Spider on a hornbeam leaf8.5
Andrea Watson Turtle Kefalonia10.0
Andrea Watson Burnet moths9.5
Christopher West Fallow deer7.5
Christopher West Mute swan cygnets7.0
Graham White Lilac - breasted roller8.5
Graham White Black capped Capuchin monkey9.0
Barbara Witherington Bumble bee in flight10.0
Barbara Witherington Wood mouse10.0WINNER
Nick Withers Male Hairy Footed Flower Bee stalking female8.0

Natural History – Prints

NameImage TitleScore
Sarah Bedwell LRPSAfrican Elephant9.0
Sarah Bedwell LRPSSwallow Tailed Bee Eater8.5
Simon Bedwell LRPSA Tower of Masai Giraffes8.5
Simon Bedwell LRPSKodiak Bear with Salmon8.5
Paul Earnell LRPSRed Fox (Vulpes vulpes)8.0
Paul Earnell LRPSGannet (Morus bassanus)9.0
Paul Earnell LRPSBlack Bears (Ursus americanus)10.0
Alan Gristwood LRPSFallow Deers in the Forest9.0
Graham Idle Hoverfly and Nemesia10.0
Graham Idle Common Dandelion8.5
Lesley Idle Hoverfly on Astrantia9.0
Lesley Idle Fallow Buck8.0
Carole Mills California Sea Lions (Zalophus californianus)9.5
Carole Mills Female Large White Butterfly (Pieris brassicae)8.5
John Nathan ARPSGentoo penguin feeding young Antarctica8.5
John Nathan ARPSPuffins on Farne islands8.0
John Nathan ARPSLion after feeding, Kenya8.0
Thor Simpson 1 Stocking up for winter (tortoiseshell butterfly)7.5
Thor Simpson TRS2 Bath time8.5
Brian Smith LRPSCommon Blue butterfly9.5
Brian Smith LRPSCommon Spotted Orchid in meadow9.0
Geoff Spriegel White Pelican - Greece10.0
Geoff Spriegel Cheetah and Cub9.0
Geoff Spriegel Leopard - Serengeti10.0WINNER
Christopher West Great spotted woodpecker and juvenile8.0
Christopher West Red deer eating leaves9.5
Christopher West Mandarin ducks and a common toad held hostage9.0
Graham White White-fronted Bee-eaters9.0
Graham White Male Marsh Deer9.0