2020-21 Natural History Competition Scores

Judged by David Carine LRPS on 22 October 2020

Natural History – PDIs

NameImage TitleScoreAward
John Atfield Bee on lavender7.5
Mike Barker Galapagos Pelican9.0
Tim Baugh Young starling being fed8.5
Peter Beard Lillybeetle9.5
Sarah Bedwell LRPSLion, Masai Mara8.0
Marie-Ange Bouchard ARPS CPAGBAustralian Sea Lion, Kangaroo Island, Australia8.0
Colin Bradfield Water Rat at Earlswood Lakes9.5
Kirsti Brown Canada Geese, Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve.8.0
Gary Coomber Kingfisher9.5
Jon Cowdock LRPSMigrant Hawker Dragonfly - Aeshna mixta10.01st Place
Paul Earnell LRPSGreat Spotted Woodpeckers9.0
Chris Fenton Short Legged Ground Roller - Madagascar9.0
Malcolm Field LRPSMale Mallard8.0
Jane Gautrey Spider on Lavender7.5
John Gribble Marbled Whites Mating on Pyramid Orchid9.5
John Howard Red Kite with Prey8.5
Graham Idle Seed Head7.0
Lesley Idle Goldfinch and teasel7.5
Philip Lawson Lioness of the Masai Mara7.5
Angela Mance Female Blackbird8.0
Chris Mance Granite Cliffs - Land's End8.0
Stephen Marshall Chicken of the woods - Limpsfield Common8.0
Sean Maskey Crustose Lichen Mosaic8.0
John Nathan ARPSElephant seals fighting in snowstorm S Georgia10.03rd Place
Anouska Nemchand Woodlice7.0
Susan Potter European Robin (Erithacus rubecula)8.5
Susan Price Teasle on the Medway7.0
Thor Simpson Lichen on a rock on Sunders Island in the Falkland7.0
Brian Smith LRPSGlanville Fritillary on Kidney Vetch9.5
Geoff Spriegel Cheetah and cub on termite mound - Masai Mara10.02nd Place
Sheila Tattershaw Brown Pelican Take off7.5
Rehana Uddin Common Blue7.5
Peter Veale Acorns and Silk Button Galls9.0
Jeff Vianna Grey Heron8.0
Andrea Watson Mute Swans Earlswood ponds8.0
Gary Watson Oxford Ragwort7.5
David White Hummingbird Hawk Moth - Mid-Air Refuelling8.0
Graham White White - faced capuchin monkey7.5
Barbara Witherington Marbled White7.5
Marcel Wizenberg European Garden Spider, London7.0