PDI Competition Scores 2018 Round 3

Competition held on 15 March 2018

Judge: Paul Graber LRPS

Club Class

Mike Barker Caught In The Light8
Mike Barker Three Of A Kind8
Peter Beard Time to go10
Peter Beard Smoke on the Water7.5
Colin Bradfield Under the Arches8.5
Colin Bradfield Blue Tit on fence7.5
Adrian Buswell Stress patterns8.5
Adrian Buswell Street sculpture Watford7.5
Claire Buswell Old bottles7
Claire Buswell Coffee time7
Gary Coomber Remembering the Women of war8
Gary Coomber The Gentle way8
Chris Cumming Fallen Flower8.5
Chris Cumming Bee on Echinacea8
Malcolm Field Hope at the Natural History Museum9
Malcolm Field Bath House at Alcazar of Seville8.5
Allister Frost Rise of the Women10
Allister Frost He's Travelling Alone8.5
Anthea Hearne-Dudman Close up of a Pink Flower7.5
Anthea Hearne-Dudman Autumnal Richmond Park7.5
Graham Idle Tenacious Tree7.5
Graham Idle Big Wheel7
Lesley Idle Reflections7.5
Lesley Idle Scotney Castle7.5
Roger Matthews Rear View Mirror10
Roger Matthews Eagle Eye9
Kerry Munroe Dog on a rope8
Kerry Munroe Monk on a train7
Neil O'Brien Yellow cabs in New York asking to be colour-popped10
Neil O'Brien Surprisingly dense rain forest for Cornwall7.5
Seb Springbett The Gherkin9.5
Seb Springbett Four daisies and a greenfly8.5
Alan Tarrant Into the blue8.5
Alan Tarrant Looking down on you8
Rehana Uddin Mountains and Valleys in Peru8.5
Rehana Uddin Getting ready for surfing. Scarborough Beach7.5
Richard Wallis Going for it8
Richard Wallis Here boy!7.5
Andrea Watson Catch of the Day8.5
Andrea Watson Clearly this boy is going far8
Graham White I have my safety jacket on9.5
Graham White Tickled pink9
Barbara Witherington Snow beauty8.5
Barbara Witherington Evening at Eastbourne8
Nick Withers The Long View8
Nick Withers Yellow7.5

Advanced Class

Sarah Bedwell LRPSPlay Abandoned9.5
Sarah Bedwell LRPSThe Thinker8
Simon Bedwell LRPSThe Rock and The Reeds9
Simon Bedwell LRPSA Walk in the Woods6.5
Marie-Ange Bouchard ARPS, CPAGBEngaged8.5
Marie-Ange Bouchard ARPS, CPAGBQuai de Seine8.5
Jon Cowdock LRPSImpressions of autumn8.5
Jon Cowdock LRPSThe underworld8.5
Mike Crisp Zaijian (Goodbye)8
Mike Crisp Monkeying about on the Prayer Flags6
Steve Elms Early Clematis8
Steve Elms Jumble8
Colvin Hazzard Canoe9.5
Colvin Hazzard High Jump8.5
John Howard The Landscape Photographer9
John Howard Elena8
Carole Mills Nature's Way and Man's Way10
Carole Mills Hercules Support, Patrouille de France8
Dominic Murtagh Should've gone to Specsavers9.5
Dominic Murtagh Old and new8
John Nathan ARPSWelsh miner8
John Nathan ARPSArt deco6.5
Peter O'Hare Autumns Canopy7.5
Peter O'Hare Listening to the days gossip7
Clare Pickett LRPSStill life10
Clare Pickett LRPSThe Walker7
Marcus Scott-Taggart Surf8
Marcus Scott-Taggart All Saints - Marlow7.5
Brian Smith LRPSThe stars over Snowdonia10
Brian Smith LRPSDown the Mine8
Geoff Spriegel Swanage Pier8
Geoff Spriegel Pink Poppy7.5