PDI Scores 2019-20 Round 2

Competition date: 05 December 2019

Judge: Gordon Rae LRPS CPAGB

Club Class

Gaynor BaughQuiet contemplation10.0
Peter BeardSerenity in Blue10.0
Gary CoomberIt's all mine10.0
John PearsonA Window at the top of the Stairs10.0
Christopher WestDrain10.0
Roger MatthewsGPMX9.5
Neil O'BrienApartment anonymity, Kowloon9.5
Kirsti BrownAfter the storm9.0
Anouska NemchandAYSGARTH FALLS9.0
Nick WithersClematis Perle d'azur9.0
Laura BarsiDiana Fountain at Dawn, Bushy Park8.5
Colin BradfieldTidal Patterns8.5
Chris CummingDancing Ballernia8.5
Graham IdleWeather closing in - Canadian Rockies8.5
Thor SimpsonTorres del Paine8.5
Sheila TattershawRiver Wye Embankment8.5
John AtfieldScooter phone-in8.0
Mike BarkerReflection8.0
Tim BaughDe La Warr stairs8.0
Caroline BurkeAutumn Beginning8.0
Chris FentonMalachite Kingfisher8.0
John GribbleThe Ginger Haired Girl8.0
Angela ManceSt Pauls at Sunset8.0
Stephen MarshallStairway8.0
Sean MaskeyPassing Storm8.0
Susan PriceAll apartments with outside privy, Italy8.0
Seb SpringbettOwl8.0
Lesley IdleLooking outside from inside7.5
Toni PearsonEvening Light7.5
Jeff ViannaJuvenile Starling7.5
Graham WhiteThat time of year Kowloon style7.5
Kristina CorneliusThe last of the verbena7.0
Gary WatsonDahlia with guest Eden Project7.0
Jan YardleyCambodia - Cows Stable7.0

Advanced Class

Simon Bedwell LRPSRiven10.0
Marie-Ange Bouchard ARPS CPAGBDawn, Bamburgh Castle10.0
Carole MillsFive in a Row10.0
Peter O'HareAfter the meal10.0
Sarah Bedwell LRPSState of Decay9.5
Steve ElmsNovember Wood9.5
John HowardRed Kite with Prey9.5
Marie-Ange Bouchard ARPS CPAGBEavesdropping9.0
Jon Cowdock LRPSOn a Bed of Nails9.0
John Nathan ARPSKingfisher9.0
Steve ElmsWe don't talk anymore8.5
Malcolm Field LRPSFishing Boats8.5
Carole MillsResting in Florence8.5
Clare Pickett LRPSHey Fred! My sisters at the door let her in.8.5
Marcus Scott-TaggartThe Swimmer8.5
Sarah Bedwell LRPSUpstairs Downstairs8.0
Paul Earnell LRPSRed Eyed Tree Frog8.0
Paul Earnell LRPSRed Squirrel8.0
Jane GautreyMale Stonechat8.0
John HowardGarden Vista8.0
Dominic MurtaghDid he catch it8.0
Clare Pickett LRPSFrom under the pier8.0
Jon Cowdock LRPSRiver Crossings7.5
Malcolm Field LRPSTrapped in Ice7.5
Jane GautreyThe Dog Race7.5
Dominic MurtaghAnd they're off7.5
John Nathan ARPSFish face7.5
Peter O'HareEnvy or surprise7.5
Marcus Scott-TaggartGeometry7.5