PDI Scores 2020-21 Round 1

Competition date: 24 September 2020

Judge: Don Morley

Club Class

Kirsti Brown Out to pasture8.0
Chris Cumming Splash8.5
Anthea Hearne-Dudman Winter Lights festival 20207.0
Philip Lawson Hole in the Wall7.5
Chris Mance Closeness at a Distance7.5
Stephen Marshall Driving Rain7.5
Sean Maskey Ready, Steady, Shoot!8.5
Sarah Morrow Sunrise over Falmouth Harbour8.0
Toni Pearson Horses9.5
Susan Potter In a sea of grass8.0
Susan Price Backlit Jasmine7.5
Sheila Tattershaw Bleeding Heart10.0
Rehana Uddin Meadow flowers and Grasses9.5
Richard Wallis Just got to take this7.5
Andrea Watson Hunt meet9.0
David White Green in the Blue10.0
Marcel Wizenberg On their way to Cuckmere Haven10.0

Intermediate Class

John Atfield Flamenco practice8.0
Mike Barker Seen Better Days9.0
Laura Barsi Bearded fly10.0
Tim Baugh Newlyn evening9.5
Colin Bradfield Above the Clouds7.0
Chris Fenton Glacial retreat. Too large to ignore.8.5
Jane Gautrey Pollinator6.5
John Gribble Good Lighting7.0
Graham Idle Chapel Ceiling10.0
Lesley Idle Spiral Aloe10.0
Angela Mance Harvest time7.5
Roger Matthews Mere Hairpin Olivers Mount 20208.5
Anouska Nemchand Heather and Hills9.5
Thor Simpson Falklands legacy6.5
Seb Springbett Buttercup10.0
Jeff Vianna Love at Sunset10.0
Gary Watson Gathering clouds7.0
Graham White Respect7.0
Barbara Witherington Reflection7.0
Jan Yardley Reach For The Sky9.5

Advanced Class

Peter Beard Hands on Deck6.5
Sarah Bedwell LRPSStanding the Test of Time and Tide8.5
Simon Bedwell LRPSTattered and Torn7.5
Marie-Ange Bouchard ARPS CPAGBPeaceful Protest9.0
Gary Coomber Pumpkin Girl10.0
Jon Cowdock LRPSEarlybird9.0
Paul Earnell LRPSLook Mum I can fly.9.5
Steve Elms Trio8.5
Malcolm Field LRPSBeachy Head9.5
John Howard Rapeseed Harvest8.5
Carole Mills Evening Light on Brighton Beach10.0
Gerard Mulryan Flower.jpg10.0
Dominic Murtagh Looking forward, looking back8.5
John Nathan ARPSWill they ever wear masks9.0
Peter O'Hare Still Life.  After the Meal10.0
John Pearson Poppy Field Scene7.0
Clare Pickett LRPSStay calm and keep your balance.9.0
Marcus Scott-Taggart Arrested10.0
Brian Smith LRPSUrban Reflections7.0
Geoff Spriegel OK. So which one of you guys woke me up9.0
Brian Wreyford Pollen7.5