PDI Scores 2020-21 Round 2

Competition date: 12 November 2020

Judge: Tim Morland ARPS

Club Class

Chris Cumming Last Dahlia of 2020.10.0
Rehana Uddin Pattern10.0
Kirsti Brown Threaded9.5
Marcel Wizenberg To the top, into the light...9.0
Sheila Tattershaw A Day on the Beach8.5
Richard Wallis Tangled Teasel8.5
Philip Lawson Mt Cook Blue and Orange8.0
Sarah Morrow Water Lily8.0
Susan Potter Growing in the sun8.0
Susan Price Tea for Two8.0
Toni Pearson Reflections7.5
Andrea Watson Sunglass seller7.5
David White Ant7.5
Chris Mance Land's End7.0
Stephen Marshall Sleepy Koala7.0

Intermediate Class

Jeff Vianna Majestic10.0
Laura Barsi Humming Bird Hawk Moth9.0
Chris Fenton Walkers in the gathering storm9.0
John Gribble The Pipe Smoker9.0
Barbara Witherington Corroded9.0
Colin Bradfield Ol' Blue Eyes8.5
Mike Barker Staves8.0
Anouska Nemchand Remembrance and Reflection8.0
Thor Simpson Its the way you tell them !8.0
Jan Yardley Market Street Phnom Penh8.0
John Atfield His and Hers7.5
Jane Gautrey Colourful Kingswear7.5
Seb Springbett Philadelphus7.5
Gary Watson Yeoman Warder Tower of London Memorial Lights 20187.5
Tim Baugh Stone stacks, Mousehole7.0
Graham Idle Rye Church Bell Tower7.0
Lesley Idle Venus Fly Trap7.0
Roger Matthews Summer Evening Flight7.0
Angela Mance Blissful Preening6.5
Graham White Mist over Almaty6.5

Advanced Class

Jon Cowdock LRPSCommon Green Grasshopper10.0
Peter O'Hare Fanfare to Colour, Salpiglossis Sinuata10.0
Gerard Mulryan Wasp on anemone9.5
Brian Smith LRPSAll at sea9.5
Sarah Bedwell LRPSCity of Light9.0
Clare Pickett LRPSBrighton West Pier9.0
Paul Earnell LRPSRed Fox8.5
Peter Beard First Light of Dawn8.0
Marie-Ange Bouchard ARPS CPAGBBig White on Verbena8.0
Gary Coomber Friends8.0
Malcolm Field LRPSTower Bridge and the Shard8.0
Dominic Murtagh Release point8.0
Geoff Spriegel Fishing Fleet - Portugal8.0
Simon Bedwell LRPSRushing River, Dancing Trees7.5
Steve Elms 7 into 17.5
John Nathan ARPSSticking valve7.5
Marcus Scott-Taggart Autumn Sunlight7.5
John Pearson Autumnal Scene of Skiddaw - Lake District7.0
John Howard Dreaming of far away places.6.0