Thanks for the Memories

Last week we welcomed in the New Year at TPS by announcing our challenges for 2019. We’re very pleased to see so many members taking part and our new Flickr groups are bustling with activity.

We’re grateful to all the members who contributed photos to our slideshow and especially to those who volunteered to share their 2018 experience in their presentations last week.

It was interesting that several speakers said “I wouldn’t have taken this picture had I not been part of the TPS Challenge.”

That, for me, is the best endorsement you can give to a year-round photography challenge. If it gets you to take more pictures, experiment a little and discover the type of photography you most enjoy then it has to be a worthwhile and beneficial experience.

As we embark on another year of photography, you might like to keep in mind some of the advice shared by our speakers:

  • Get into the habit of “seeing” a picture; the more photos you (need to!) take, the easier it becomes to “see” pictures around you.
  • Be prepared to experiment and relax into your photography. No-one’s going to judge your images so try to express yourself and your style.
  • Comment on other people’s photos and they will comment on your own. Feedback and encouragement are always helpful.
  • Break some rules! Yes, things like the rule of thirds are often helpful in competition images, but don’t let these general principles constrain your creative expression. Do what feels right for you.
  • Spend less time lugging a heavy kit bag around and more time enjoying taking photos. You don’t need lots of equipment to take great photos. Try shooting with just one camera and lens, or your smartphone.
  •  Play with the features of your camera and try out lots of photo editing apps to see what you enjoy using the most.
  • Streamline your editing workflow. The easier it is to process your photos the greater the chances of your staying the course all year long .
  • Create your own challenges or rules, like taking the same photo each month or creating a series of images along a theme of your choice.
  • Have fun. It’s only taking and sharing photos!

Thanks again to those TPS members who took part.

Here’s one last look back on some of your TPS Challenge photos from 2018. We hope you find as much inspiration here as we have. Enjoy 2019!