The Logan Border Calculator App

If you’ve ever had to cut a mat (also known as mountboard) to hold a photographic print you’ll know how important it is to get the measurements just right. Any mistakes in your calculations can mean a wasted mat, as my growing collection of badly-cut boards confirms!

I’ve always use a piece of paper and, sometimes, a calculator to figure out exactly where to cut the board, but now there’s an easier, faster way.

Logan, the well-known manufacturer of mountboard cutters and framing tools, has released smartphone apps for Android and Apple devices that will quickly do the hard sums for you.

Here’s how it works, with screenshots from the Android app.

Firstly, input the size of your frame opening or mat. You can use imperial or metric units. A standard large mat used for TPS competitions is typically 500 x 400mm:

Then input the width and height of your image. Let’s say my image is 280 x 160mm:

Now, hit ‘Calculate’ and—tada!—the app shows exactly where you should make your cuts. I’m not sure any of us will be measuring our cuts to 1/1000 of a millimetre but well done if you can!

You can even get additional measurements for a double mat, if you want to get really fancy, you clever thing!

Keep in mind that the app will only give you measurements for a centrally cut aperture. If you’d like to cut this higher or lower in the frame you’ll need to adjust one of the measurements. Perhaps I should hang onto my calculator for a little longer after all!

You can download this free app for your smartphone from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Just search for “Logan Border Calculator App”.

Happy cutting!