The Results! PDI Competition Round Two

The votes are in! The first person to be leaving “I’m a Photographer, Get Me Out of Here” is…

Thankfully, we don’t do evictions at TPS! Instead, we focus on helping you take and share lots of great images to generate fresh ideas for your next outing with a camera.

Round 2 of our 2018-19 PDI (Projected Digital Image) competition was reviewed by our Guest Judge Stephen Carroll ARPS on 29th November. As always, we enjoyed seeing some cracking photos and several clever TPS members managed to score perfect 10/10 marks. Well done to Chris Cumming, Graham Idle, Rehana Uddin and Marie-Ange Bouchard.

The full Round 2 scores are now available, as well as the current overall standings table for our PDI competition. Jean-Paul Burch and Rehana Uddin are tied in first place in the Club Class, while John Nathan has a wafer-thin lead in the Advanced Class. There’s everything to play for in Round 3 on 14th March 2019 and plenty of time to grab some fabulous images to help you finish this season’s PDI competition in style!

Even when it’s raining,
it’s still Camera O’Clock 

I’ve added some of the judge’s favourite photos from Round 2 to the galleries below. Thanks to everyone who organised, took part, and, most importantly, learned something that will help improve their photography skills in this competition. Keep snapping!

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Next week, don’t forget, we’ll be in the hall behind the Godstone Baptist Church (next to the Shell Service Station) when guest speaker Lisa Beaney will be showing us how to manage and edit photos in Adobe Lightroom. Be there! 8-10pm on Thursday 6th December.