This week’s Natural History Competition

Barbara and Dominic, who manage our internal competitions at TPS, have confirmed that all submitted photos will be judged this Thursday. We have 41 PDIs (projected digital images) and 30 prints, so it will be a busy night for our guest judge Bob Webzell ARPS EFIAP.

As members will have learned from the recent email, the TPS committee agreed that, in exceptional circumstances, we may have to impose a tighter limit on the number of entries to some of our internal competitions. With our membership growing and so many enthusiastic members submitting wonderful photos, we occasionally have too many images to be fairly judged in the available 2-hour session. Helping our members create better images is what TPS is all about, so it’s important that our judges have sufficient time to give substantive feedback on every entry, not have to rush through their review because there’s an excessive number of entries.

Thankfully, for this week’s Natural History competition we can just about manage to review and score every entry. However, please keep in mind that we may have to reduce the number of permitted entries per member in future competitions if we are oversubscribed. To ensure your best image still gets judged, remember to upload your favourite image to PhotoEntry first as this is the photo that will go through to judging should we have to exclude subsequent images you upload. Any non-accepted images can be entered in later competitions. And, importantly, in competitions where we have different classes to judge, we’ll firstly impose limits on the Advanced Class and do everything possible to ensure all our Club Class members’ images still get judged.

This is a nice problem to have really. It’s is just one of the many challenges of running a popular, growing, and, dare I say it, exceptionally awesome camera club!

Good luck to all our entrants this week. We’re in for another busy Thursday night and we cannot wait to see all your photos!