TPS welcomes Ken Scott on 1st February 2018

On Thursday 1st February, TPS will welcome photographer, adventurer, and speaker Ken Scott to Godstone. During 2017, Ken walked almost 3000km along the entire length of the British coastline. At this special TPS talk he will share some of his favourite photographic memories from his hugely challenging, physical and emotional journey.

Ken also started his own 365 challenge—making a picture every day—in 2008, and now, ten years on, he’s still going strong and has renamed his challenge as ‘Project Infinity’. You can see some of Ken’s daily images on his website at

Don’t forget: as this is the first Thursday of the month we’ll be meeting in the Hall behind the Baptist Church in Godstone, next to the Shell Service Station.

The meeting will begin at 8pm prompt, and will finish around 10pm.

Entry is free for TPS members and £5 per person for visiting non-members (including tea/coffee and maybe a biscuit!)

Last chance to join one of our TPS 2018 Challenges

We’re almost halfway through January already, and it’ll soon be Christmas 😉

So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve not yet joined one of our TPS 2018 Challenges, there’s still time to get in on the act.

As a reminder, we’ve three, yes three, Flickr groups this year, each with a different level of intensity:

If you’d like to share one photo each day (it’s really not as difficult as it sounds!), you can join TPS365.


Or, to share one photo each week (ideally by Sunday of each week), you can join TPS52.


And finally, if you prefer life in the slow lane, you can share one photo each month in TPS12.


You can join as many groups as you like. For joining instructions, see my previous post here, but I’ve now simplified things in the groups so joining should be no more difficult than signing in to Flickr (create an account first if you’ve not used it before), then locating the group you’d like to join and clicking ‘Join Group’. We recommend you do this on a computer/laptop, rather than through the Flickr app which may lack some of the features needed to join these groups. Any issues, contact one of the group admins or ask for help at one of our Thursday meetings.

And don’t worry if you’ve missed a few days or even weeks or maybe even months by the time you read this. Thankfully there are no bitter and twisted judges inside TPS12/52/365, only lovely friendly TPS members sharing their photos.

Have fun!

Colour Prints Competition Round 2 – The results!

Well done to everyone who took part in this week’s Colour Prints (Round 2) Competition. All entrants should have received a summary of the scores by email, courtesy of our new-fangled (and rather excellent!) Photo-Entry competition tool. If you haven’t yet seen the full scores, they are now available on our website here.

In time-honoured fashion, we’ve shared a few of the judge’s favourite images from the night below. If your image appears here, bravo! If it doesn’t, don’t worry, there’ll soon be another opportunity to enjoy celebrity and fame at our next competition night! 😉



How to join our TPS 2018 Challenges

Here’s a reminder of how you can take part in one (or more!) of our TPS 2018 Challenges.

We’ve created three groups on Flickr, the photo sharing website, and all TPS members are welcome to join any (or all) of these groups.

If you don’t already have a Yahoo! account or an account on Flickr, that’s the first thing to do. Head to and click Sign Up. If you already have an account, simply Sign In.

Now, choose your group(s)! Each group has its own set of rules, so please read these carefully on the Group Page.

If you’re extra keen and would like to post one photo each day, TPS 365 is perfect for you. Go to Read the group rules then click Join Group (in the banner at the top) to request access. Any problems, email your Group Admin via this link: Dominic.

If you’d prefer a more leisurely pace, you can post one photo each week to TPS 52. Go to agree to the rules and press the Join Group button (in the banner at the top) to request access. Any problems, email your Group Admin via this link: Marie-Ange.

And finally, if daily or weekly sounds a bit too frenetic for you, you could take on our easiest challenge and post just one photo each month to TPS 12. Go to agree to the rules and press the Join Group button (in the banner at the top) to request access. Any problems, email your Group Admin via this link: Steve Elms.

Now, simply remember to take lots of photos and post your chosen image each day/week/month to your group(s).

Most importantly, remember to review your fellow group members’ photos and share your comments. It’s not a competition, just a friendly way to help us all take more, and hopefully better, photos in 2018.

Enjoy, and good luck to everyone!


PS One final photo sharing opportunity for you. We also have an ongoing Flickr Group for our ‘Out and About’ trips. You can join in at