TPS AGM and our Best Prints Of The Year

Thanks to all our members who joined our TPS AGM last night. It was great to listen to our Chairman’s Report and hear how well the club is doing. Most importantly, thank you to all our members for the important role you play in making TPS a great place to learn how to take fabulous photos.

As is the TPS way, we also invited members to bring along some of their favourite prints from the last season and we each got to vote on which prints we liked the most. There were some stunning images on display, and the winners were voted as follows:

Best Colour Print

Winner – Best Colour Print of the Year 2017-18

1st Jon Cowdock LRPS – Thames Barge Edith May
2nd Peter O’Hare
3rd David Hurkett

Best Monochrome Print

Winner – Best Monochrome Print of the Year 2017-18

1st Barbara Witherington – Hide and Seek
2nd Mike Barker
3rd Gary Coomber

TPS Members also voted for their winner of the Graham Phillips Trophy to be awarded to the person who has made the most valuable contribution to the club throughout the year. The winner will be announced at our Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony on Thursday 31st May.

Thanks again to everyone who brought along their prints and contributed to another successful AGM. We’re in great shape for another fabulous TPS season, and it all kicks off again in September!

It’s TPS AGM Day (and your final chance to win!)

The TPS AGM (Annual General Meeting) will take place this evening at the White Hart Barn in Godstone, starting at 8pm. The AGM is an opportunity for every member to hear how the club has developed in the last 12 months and what the outlook is for the year ahead. We also get to appoint the new committee for the 2018-19 season and discuss any ideas that members have to help our club continue to thrive in the year ahead.

Importantly, the AGM evening also plays host to our “Best Print of the Year” competitions with two final prizes up for grabs: the Ursula Spicer Trophy for the best monochrome print and the Shirley Daniell Shield for the best colour print.

To take part, TPS members should bring along up to 3 of their favourite prints for each competition. These prints must have been entered into a club competition during the 2017-18 season. So, you can bring along up to 6 prints in total, comprising a maximum of 3 mono prints and 3 colour prints. Got it?!

And the best bit? There’s no guest judge tonight, just our lovely TPS members who each get to vote on their favourite prints. So everyone’s in with a chance!

We’d also love to hold on to some of your personal favourite prints to show at fetes and fairs over the summer recess. TPS will have a stand at the Warlingham Fair (16 June), the Tandridge Village Fete (14 July) and the Godstone Fete (27 August). Your prints will be displayed on our stand for visitors to enjoy. Please hand any prints you’d like to have displayed to a member of the Committee at tonight’s AGM.

And, don’t forget, if you’d like to help out at one of the summer events please let a Committee member know. Go on, it’s fun! You get to enjoy the fete and only have to help out for as long as you can spare.

As one final blast of inspiration, here are last year’s winners of the best prints of the year. Will your print be a winner tonight?

Ursula Spicer Trophy – Surf’s Up by Allister Frost

Shirley Daniell Shield – Frosty Morning by Brian Smith LRPS

Mono Prints Final Round 2017-18 – The Results Are In!

Mono Prints Final Round 2017-18 – The Results Are In!

Last night was the final judging round our 2017-18 Mono Prints Competition at TPS. Members were invited to bring along two mounted prints to be reviewed by an external judge, with the only condition being that the image should be monochrome (of a single colour, plus white) like black and white or sepia.

Our guest judge, Rosemary Wilman Hon FRPS, had the arduous task of reviewing each image in turn, offering some helpful critique and advice, and scoring each image out of ten. The quality of the prints was excellent, especially from some of our newer members whose amazing progress through the year was clear for all to see.

Well done to everyone who joined in; it’s a daunting thing showing your photos to an experienced judge and audience and we hope you picked up a few hints and tips ready for another busy competition season next year!

After much deliberation (and nail-biting!), Rosemary awarded points for each image including a few perfect 10’s! Extra loud congratulations for reaching the pinnacle of perfection go to: Barbara Witherington, Malcolm Field, Mike Barker, Seb Springbett and Clare Pickett LRPS (twice!).

As this was the final round of this season’s competition, we now have our winners of the TPS Mono Prints awards for 2017-18.

Congratulations go to Mike Barker who wins the Birchall Trophy as the Club Class competition winner and promotion to the Advanced Class, and to Clare Pickett LRPS who wins the Phillips Cup as winner of the Advanced Class competition. Hurrah!

Well-deserved congratulations also go to Peter Veale who came a very close second in the Club Class Competition and wins promotion to the Advanced Class for next season.

For the full results, see the Round 3 score table, and for the overall standings for the whole year check out the final Mono Prints league table.

Well done everyone, and please now enjoy some of the judge’s favourite images from the night in the galleries below:





Don’t forget, every TPS member is invited to bring along up to three of each of their Colour and Mono prints (so up to six images in total per person) from this season’s print competitions to our AGM Evening on 24th May. Then we all get to play at being the judge and the members’ combined scores will decide which images are our favourite TPS prints of the year.

And, if you’d like your prints to go on display at fairs and fetes over the summer, please leave them with a Committee Member after the AGM. We’ll store them carefully and return them to you at the start of the new season.