TPS Natural History Competition

The scores from our 2018-19 Natural History competition are now available here on our website and some of the highest scoring images can be viewed in our gallery.

Well done to everyone who took part; we enjoyed seeing some stunning images. Our judge, Bob Webzell ARPS EFIAP, had a busy night reviewing both PDIs and Prints, and the winning photographers and their images were:

PDI Winner: Barbara Witherington

Print Winner: Geoff Spriegel

Lovely work by some very talented TPS members! Isn’t the natural world incredible:-)

Our next internal competition will be Round 1 of the Monochrome Prints on 15th November and will be judged by Ken Scott ARPS. The deadline for PrintEntry submissions is Sunday 11th November. Don’t be late!

This week’s Natural History Competition

Barbara and Dominic, who manage our internal competitions at TPS, have confirmed that all submitted photos will be judged this Thursday. We have 41 PDIs (projected digital images) and 30 prints, so it will be a busy night for our guest judge Bob Webzell ARPS EFIAP.

As members will have learned from the recent email, the TPS committee agreed that, in exceptional circumstances, we may have to impose a tighter limit on the number of entries to some of our internal competitions. With our membership growing and so many enthusiastic members submitting wonderful photos, we occasionally have too many images to be fairly judged in the available 2-hour session. Helping our members create better images is what TPS is all about, so it’s important that our judges have sufficient time to give substantive feedback on every entry, not have to rush through their review because there’s an excessive number of entries.

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How to have a flutter and help TPS

As a volunteer-run local community initiative, TPS is always looking for new ways to raise funds to keep the club running smoothly. All our members pay an annual subscription which goes a long way to paying for hall hire, great speakers/judges and the equipment we need like our projector and screen. And then there is the cost of insurance, our event stands, PhotoEntry, and this website…

We’ve good news though. There’s one additional, super-easy way you can help TPS, and maybe win £25,000 in the process: by buying tickets to play the Tandridge Lottery from our special fundraising page at Entry costs £1 per line, with half of that money, 50p, being donated directly to TPS, and a further 10p going to other local good causes. There’s a random draw every Saturday night where you’ll have a chance to win a prize worth £3 to £25,000.

And TPS supporters often win, as we can see from this Saturday’s draw:

Since we started earlier this year, we’ve raised over £300 from the Tandridge Lottery, all thanks to TPS members who have generously bought tickets from our fundraising page. One anonymous winner even donated their £25 prize back to TPS 🙂

Thanks to everyone for your continued support, helping us keep TPS affordable and running smoothly so we can go from strength to strength. Go on, buy some tickets today. And good luck!

Colour Prints Round 1 – The Results

Phew! Thursday evening saw the first round of our 2018-19 Colour Prints Competition and we had a record* number of entries. Judge Don Morley had the gargantuan task of scoring 85 prints, 44 within Club Class and 41 in Advanced. Thanks for your help Don, and thanks too to Barbara and Dominic for their hard work managing the competition and recording the scores.

OK, let’s cut to the chase! You can now access our Round 1 image scores here and, if you’re a competitive creature, you can see where you stand after only one round in the overall standings table here. As a sports pundit would say, it’s early days, there’s everything to play for, and it’s a game of three rounds (or should that be two halves?) Every member has two more chances to submit two images so competition is wide open! Now is the perfect time to get out snapping some great images for Round 2 on 10th January.

We really enjoyed seeing so many stunning images and we’re grateful for Don’s constructive critiques and suggestions. Most importantly, we hope you enjoyed the evening and picked up a few tip and ideas for your next photographic adventure.

Let’s take a look at some of the judge’s favourite images. Well done to everyone, especially the six members (JaneG, MikeB, RehanaU, GaryC, PeterV and SimonB) who scored perfect 10s. You clever snappers!



Bravo to everyone, great work! Our next competition is Natural History on 25th October.  The deadline for your PhotoEntry submissions will be Sunday 21st October.

* In the absence of a comprehensive archive of all previous TPS competitions, I made that up! But, you know, it’s probably a record, it certainly felt like one!

The Logan Border Calculator App

If you’ve ever had to cut a mat (also known as mountboard) to hold a photographic print you’ll know how important it is to get the measurements just right. Any mistakes in your calculations can mean a wasted mat, as my growing collection of badly-cut boards confirms!

I’ve always use a piece of paper and, sometimes, a calculator to figure out exactly where to cut the board, but now there’s an easier, faster way.

Logan, the well-known manufacturer of mountboard cutters and framing tools, has released smartphone apps for Android and Apple devices that will quickly do the hard sums for you.

Here’s how it works, with screenshots from the Android app.

Firstly, input the size of your frame opening or mat. You can use imperial or metric units. A standard large mat used for TPS competitions is typically 500 x 400mm:

Then input the width and height of your image. Let’s say my image is 280 x 160mm:

Now, hit ‘Calculate’ and—tada!—the app shows exactly where you should make your cuts. I’m not sure any of us will be measuring our cuts to 1/1000 of a millimetre but well done if you can!

You can even get additional measurements for a double mat, if you want to get really fancy, you clever thing!

Keep in mind that the app will only give you measurements for a centrally cut aperture. If you’d like to cut this higher or lower in the frame you’ll need to adjust one of the measurements. Perhaps I should hang onto my calculator for a little longer after all!

You can download this free app for your smartphone from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Just search for “Logan Border Calculator App”.

Happy cutting!