Special Series 2021 PDI League Tables

Class winners in each round are highlighted in green.

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Club Class

2021 Special Series PDI Club ClassMonoSquareTaken in 21Total
Kirsti Brown
Caroline Burke 7.07.0
Chris Cumming
Philip Lawson
Susan Potter
Susan Price8.57.516.0
Sheila Tattershaw
Rehana Uddin
Andrea Watson
David White
Stephen Whiteley
Clare Wigfield
Marcel Wizenberg 10.07.510.027.5
Richard Wallis 8.08.0
Sarah Morrow 8.58.5

Intermediate Class

2021 Special Series PDI Intermediate ClassMonoSquareTaken in 21Total
Mike Barker
Laura Barsi 9.06.515.5
Tim Baugh
Colin Bradfield
Chris Fenton
Graham Idle
Lesley Idle
Angela Mance
Roger Matthews 7.08.515.5
Anouska Nemchand 7.58.510.026.0
Thor Simpson 8.09.517.5
Seb Springbett
Peter Veale
Gary Watson9.59.519.0
Graham White
Barbara Witherington 9.58.510.028.0
Jan Yardley

Advanced Class

2021 Special Series PDI Advanced ClassMonoSquareTaken in 21Total
Peter Beard 9.58.510.028.0
Sarah Bedwell LRPS8.510.018.5
Simon Bedwell LRPS10.09.519.5
Marie-Ange Bouchard ARPS CPAGB10.
Jon Cowdock LRPS8.57.516.0
Steve Elms
Malcolm Field LRPS9.08.07.524.5
John Howard
Gerard Mulryan 7.08.515.5
Dominic Murtagh
John Nathan ARPS8.
Peter O'Hare 9.08.517.5
John Pearson
Clare Pickett LRPS8.510.08.527.0
Brian Smith LRPS8.08.516.5
Paul Earnell LRPS9.59.5
Geoff Spriegel8.58.5