A new way to support TPS

As a local community group run entirely by volunteers, we’re always on the hunt for new fundraising ideas.

Earlier this week, the TPS Committee agreed to support the Tandridge Together Lottery, in the hope that some of our members will take part and help us raise much-needed funds for the club.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Visit our TPS Tandridge Lottery page and buy some tickets
  2. Er, that’s it!

TPS will receive 50% of your ticket value, and you could win a top prize of £25,000!*

Tickets cost £1 and give you a 1 in 50 chance of winning a prize. The word on the street is that we’ve already had a TPS winner (who is cloaked under the veil of anonymity, probably because they don’t want to have to spend their new fortune buying the post-TPS drinks on Thursday!)

So, go on, have a flutter! You’ll be helping TPS and other local good causes, and you might even win the jackpot 🙂


* Good news: you get to keep any prize money, tax-free. Mike, our Treasurer, would love you to donate it to TPS, but you really don’t have to. Good luck!