vTPS Set Subject Competition: “Weather”

There are few things we Brits spend more time talking about than the weather. So it was no surprise that we had a bumper selection of entries to our weather-themed set subject competition.

Our resident judge, the very talented Marie-Ange Bouchard, took to the virtual podium to review our images and shared some excellent advice on how she interpreted each photos and how we might possibly improve some.

In fact, the quality of the images was so high, Marie-Ange elected to throw caution to the wind (<-geddit?) and award not one, not two, but three joint winners. They must be on cloud nine!

Our 2019-2020 joint winners of the Daphne Cloquet Trophy are Gary Watson, Jeff Vianna and Jon Cowdock, and here are their winning photos:

Somewhere over……
by Gary Watson
Great Bolt of Fire
by Jeff Vianna
Winter Storm in Seaford Bay
by Jon Cowdock LRPS

And as if to prove that it never rains but it pours, Marie-Ange also awarded Highly Commended awards to four other superb images. Hats off to you if your photo appears below:

Snowed Under
by Simon Bedwell LRPS
Storm Brendan
by Chris Fenton
Rain Rippled Road
by Carole Mills
Not Going Out
by Sarah Bedwell LRPS

Next week at vTPS we’ve our friendly photo critique evening. Don’t forget to submit the photos you’d like Marcus and Marie-Ange to review via the PhotoEntry site. Images must be uploaded by midnight on Sunday for consideration. The clue’s in the title, this will be a friendly online chat where we explore how best to edit and present your photos in the best possible light.

Also, keep checking your inbox for the next edition of the vTPS newsletter with all the latest updates from the club, plus details of our upcoming events.

Stay safe and keep shooting! 🙂

vTPS Set Subject Competition: “Music”

Another night, another Zoom! We had over 40 people join our online meeting to look through and judge the entries to the second of this year’s Set Subject competitions.

The topic was “Music,” ably judged by our resident guru Marcus Scott-Taggart. Our thanks to Marcus for stepping in and helping us keep the vTPS show on the road.

And a big thank you also to everyone who submitted images. It’s not easy taking set subject photos at the best of times, but when we’re in lockdown and unable to leave our homes it’s doubly difficult.

Our 2019-2020 winner of the Robin Cloquet Trophy is Peter Veale for his well-captured street photo entitled “Lunchtime Rhythm”. Bravo Peter!

Lunchtime Rhythm by Peter Veale

Marcus also picked out four other images as Highly Commended. Congratulations for the creative photographers behind these images:

Musical Reflections on Isolation by Chris Fenton
In The Groove by Kirsti Brown
I did it my way! by Clare Pickett
Somewhere by Richard Wallis

Next week we’re looking forward to welcome our first vTPS guest speaker, David Ward. David’s an ace photographer and an entertaining speaker, so be sure to join. The event details can be found here and the links to join the meeting will be sent next week to all TPS members.

Stay safe and well everyone and look out for your next weekly edition of the vTPS newsletter with details of how you can get involved on Flickr and our next Set Subject Competition on the topic of “Weather” (<- there’s a lot of it about right now so get snapping!)

Until next time! 🙂

vTPS Creative Photography Competition

We continued our journey into the dizzying world of vTPS last night with our first remotely judged competition.

Thanks to everyone who joined our Zoom Meeting and especially to all those who submitted images.

Our judge, Martin Faiers, was also new to the remote competition world so we were all on a learning curve. We hope you enjoyed the show and had fun at the bar fridge afterwards!

We saw some great images, very imaginative and experimental, and that’s exactly what our Creative Photography competition is all about.

Our 2019-2020 winner of the Tandridge Creative Cup is Mike Barker for his evocative and highly topical composition entitled “Close to the Edge”. Well done Mike!

Close to the Edge by Mike Barker

And we had four other images that were Highly Commended by our judge. Well done to the superstars who features below:

Electric Gym by Peter O’Hare
Escaping the Virus by John Nathan
(Isolation) Blind Man’s Buff by Kirsti Brown
Zoom by Brian Smith

Don’t forget, we’ve a busy programme of virtual events coming up, including more set subject competitions and some great guest speakers.

Full details will be added to our Events Page shortly.

Also, keep an eye on your email inbox for your vTPS Newsletter which includes regular updates on the programme and how you can share your images in our special vTPS Flickr Group.

Stay safe and happy everyone 🙂

TPS Update

As TPS members may have read in Sarah and Jon’s emails, we’ve had to postpone the remainder of this season’s planned TPS agenda due to the spread of Coronavirus.

It’s become a bit of a cliche in recent days, but your health and well-being really are our primary concerns, so we’re following UK Government health advice during this difficult time.

The TPS Committee is busily working behind the scenes exploring potential activities that we can safely support in the coming weeks and months. We’ll update you with full details when we have them.

Crocus Flowers

Until then, please remember there have been no reports of photography equipment being materially affected by the virus 😉 so please continue to enjoy your photography hobby safely.

Tidy up that camera bag (you’ve been meaning to do it for a while!) and clean those dusty old lenses. Recharge your batteries and start thinking of clever ways you can use your time to take amazing photos. This is a great month to capture fresh spring growth and also to photograph places that would normally be bustling with people and traffic. An early morning walk is a fine way to enjoy the fresh air without bumping into too many people, so set your alarm clock and make the most of our spring mornings.

Most importantly, remember to keep your camera equipment clean and to wash your hands before, during and after every expedition.

If you’re stuck at home, please keep taking photos, even if it’s just to document your experience during these unusual times. And be sure to stay in touch with your TPS friends through whatever means you have available.

How to stay in touch

You can comment on any post on our website (like this one you’re reading right here right now – just click on the little red ‘Leave a comment’ link below!). We’d love to hear from you.

Or you can get in touch with your TPS committee members via the details on our Contacts page.

And we’ve a TPS Members Only Group on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/TandridgePS.Members/. Come and join in!

And finally, we’ve our TPS Page on Facebook (accessible by the entire planet!) at https://www.facebook.com/TandridgePhotographicSociety/. Feel free to comment and share.

Thanks again for your support and understanding during this difficult time. Stay safe and healthy. We’ll get through this. Normal service will resume as soon as possible 🙂 x

The Scores – PDI Competition Round 3

We are very sorry we had to cancel our planned TPS event on 12th March while we carefully monitored government advice about how to manage public events. Thank you for your understanding as we demonstrate an abundance of caution to help keep all our TPS members safe while the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads. We’ll issue further updates about future meetings as soon as possible; watch this space…

There is some good news though! Our judge, Simon Van Orden, very kindly agreed to judge your PDI entries remotely, awarding each image the customary score out of 10, as well as detailed comments on his reflections. We are hugely grateful to Simon for helping out so generously.

So that means we have some scores… and some winners… and some 2019-2020 champions to announce!

You can find the scores awarded by the judge for each image on our results page.

Here are the judge’s favourite Club Class images:

Here are the judge’s favourite Advanced Class images:

Congratulations to everyone whose images appear above. This means you scored 9 points or more, yay! Here’s a virtual round of applause, just for you, please join in:

(random people clapping yesterday)

Good clapping everyone! Now please wash your hands for longer than the applause lasted.

Like me, you’re probably wondering why your image got the score it did, so please download the document below to read the judge’s comments:

With the Round Three scores in, we are now delighted to announce the final standings in our 2019-2020 PDI Competitions.


Congratulations to our Club Class winner Gary Coomber with a spectacular 38.0 points and also to our runner up Peter Beard with 37.5. You both produced some stunning images in this year’s competitions and deserve your well-earned promotion into the Advanced Class for next season – bravo!


Congratulations go to our joint winners Clare Pickett LRPS and Marie-Ange Bouchard ARPS CPAGB. Phenomenal scores and beautiful photography. We’re proud to have such talented photographers in our club.

You can see the full league tables on our results page.

(and now, in true virtual style, please be brave and leave a comment below for our winners!)

The PDI competition is now concluded for 2019-20 but it will be back again in 2020-21, so get out now and start taking more lovely photos. And if you find yourself in self-isolation over the coming weeks, why not challenge yourself to take a few interesting, unexpected photos from around your home? Every spare moment is an opportunity to practise your love of photography.

More news will follow on the plans for future TPS meetings. For now, stay safe and happy,… and please wash your hands!