Competition Results – 2021 Special Series ‘TAKEN IN 2021’

Competition Results – 2021 Special Series ‘TAKEN IN 2021’

Our (very) Special Series competition drew to a close this week with the third and final round of images under the topic “Taken in 2021”. With the raiding of the archives off limits, TPS photographers sought out their favourite images from the first five months of 2021, and the diversity of images was remarkable!

Thanks to our guest judge Cherry Larcombe EFIAP ARPS DPAGB BPE*5, for stepping us through the many entries and selecting the winners.

There was one winning image in each of our three classes. Here they are:

CLUB Class – Andrea Watson for Storm force:

INTERMEDIATE Class –  Chris Fenton for Isolation Bubble:

ADVANCED Class – Marie-Ange Bouchard ARPS CPAGB for Drawn into the Picture:

Some fabulous images there, and very worthy winners!

Before we get to the overall winners of our Special Series Competition, here’s a gallery of the highest scoring images (9 points or more), as chosen by our guest judge:

[Click to enlarge, hover to see the score]

And so that brings us to the overall winners of our TPS Special Series 2021 competition. After three hotly-contested rounds, the winners are:

CLUB CLASS: Marcel Wizenberg (27.5 points)

INTERMEDIATE CLASS:  Mike Barker (28.5 points)

ADVANCED CLASS: Marie-Ange Bouchard ARPS CPAGB (30 points – wow, and two judge’s favourites!!!)

A big bravo to all three of our class winners and a thank you to everyone who stretched themselves to take part in our Special Series 2021 competition. We hope you had fun and picked up some great tips for your next photography adventure.

The final league tables are now available on our competitions page at

Is this the end of vTPS?

While we await further guidance on in-person meetings, we’re keeping all options open. With luck, we hope to be welcoming many TPS friends back to our regular meet-ups in Godstone next season. We’re also planning several Out & Abouts and meet-ups over the summer so stay tuned to your inbox and this website for updates.

Next week we’ve our AGM (Annual General Meeting) and an opportunity to hear updates from the committee, learn about some changes for next season and to have your say in some important club decisions that need to be made. Oh, and we’ll also have an opportunity to recognise some special achievements and award winners from our 2020-21 season.

Please could all TPS members be sure to join from 8pm on Thursday 10th June.

Until then, keep snapping!

Who’s Leading in our Special Series Competitions?

We’ve just added league tables for our TPS Special Series PDI competitions to our website and with two rounds completed things are heating up!

You can consult the full tables on our results pages.

In Club Class, we’ve four fabulous photographers vying for first place with ChrisC, DavidW, KirstiB and StephenW all tied on 18 points. And MarcelW’s just half a point behind in fifth place! Everything hinges on our final round “Taken in 21” which will be judged on 3rd June.

In Intermediate Class, MikeB has established a lead with a perfect score of 20 points, including the judge’s winning image in round 1 (Mono). A lead like that will take some catching but the ever-brilliant BarbaraW, ChrisF and JanY are close behind on 18 points.

In Advanced Class, MarieAngeB has also scored a perfect 20 points and bagged the judge’s favourite image in round 1 (Mono). But it’s not over yet with the talented ClareP close behind on 18.5 points and sharpshooter PeterB in third place on 18 points.

So, as they say in the sporting world, there’s still everything to play for. Can our leaders hang on to romp home victorious, will a close contender smash it out of the park in round 3, or will there be a shock resurgence from a surprise package?

There’s only one way to find out! Get involved, enter your best photo into round 3 by Sunday 30th May, and let’s get ready to rumble on 3rd June!

Good luck to all our players!

Competition Results – 2021 Special Series ‘SQUARE’

This week’s TPS Special Series competition was all about squares. Those perfect little shapes comprising four equal straight sides and four right angles. Simple, eh?! Well, it turns out there’s more to squares than I first thought!

This competition challenge came about to help TPS members who are creating a ’21 in 21′ panel as we start thinking about square-format images and the intriguing challenges and opportunities a 1:1 ratio image presents.

Our guest judge, Carole White-Griffiths LRPS helped us through the 41 entries and picked out her favourites and a winner in each of our competition classes.

The winning image in each of classes was:

CLUB Class – Stephen Whiteley for Blue Tit:

INTERMEDIATE Class –  Graham Idle for The Shutters Are Down:

ADVANCED Class – Clare Pickett LRPS for Field of Dreams:


Well done to our winners, great work!

And here’s a bonus gallery of all the highest scoring images (9 points or higher), as chosen by our guest judge. Hope these give you some ideas as you develop your ’21 in 21′ panel.

[Click to enlarge, hover to see the score]

What’s next at vTPS?

Waiting dutifully in the wings, we’ve a gaggle (is that the right word, or perhaps it should be a giggle?!) of expert speakers lined up at vTPS over the next fortnight. Next week, we’re looking forward to welcoming Sue O’Connell and Peter Brisley with their tales of “Travel Towards the Edge”. And then, the week after, we’ve David Hogg, to talk about his passion for Drone Photography and clever technology gizmos. [UPDATE!] we’ve Jerry Webb joining us to chat about “Breaking the Rules in Mono Photography.” (I’m guessing there’s possibly more to breaking the mono rules than inadvertently including colour in mono images!)

Until next Thursday at 8pm, adios!

The Results – Special Series Mono Competition

Wow, I’ve missed monochrome images, haven’t you?! There’s something very special about stripping away the colours and focussing the eyes on pure, raw textures and really appreciating the way light falls on a subject.

Last night’s competition attracted a bumper crop of images, which our guest judge Paul Graber LRPS dutifully picked through to select his favourites.

The winning images in each of our classes were:

CLUB Class – Chris Cumming for Jazzy Spoons:

INTERMEDIATE Class –  Mike Barker for Olympic Park Pool Building:


ADVANCED Class – Marie-Ange Bouchard for At Sail By Moonlight:



Stunning photos by the TPS gang!

And, to wrap up, here’s a gallery of the highest scoring images, as selected by Paul Graber. Can you find inspiration here to create some magical mono images for our next competition?

Next week, we’re looking forward to thinking about printing (remember that?!) and picking up some top tips from our guest speaker from Permajet, the professional paper people. There will also be a special discount off of Permajet papers so if your store cupboard needs a top-up this could be the perfect event for you! See you there, 8pm on Thursday 29th April!

Stunning Panel Competition Winners

Congratulations today go to our fabulous TPS photographers who really impressed the guest judge at our annual TPS Panel Competition.

It’s a special challenge, finding three images that sit well together and convey a story or meaning that one image alone could not portray. That’s why we always enjoy our panel competition!

Here’s a selection of the judge’s favourite photo panels including the amazing winning panel from Clare Wigfield.

Well done Clare, stunning photos! And, for everyone else, give yourselves a generous pat on the back if you got a mention; lovely work all round!

[click on any image to expand and view full size]

WINNER: Clare Wigfield – Water Fun

SECOND PLACE: Andrea Watson – Wild Things

THIRD PLACE: Simon Bedwell – Reflecting on Architecture

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Susan Potter – Calm Between the Storms

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Kirsti Brown – Make a Wish

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Dominic Murtagh – Bowl Bat Field

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Jon Cowdock – Winter Wonder in Miniature

Well done to all our TPS members who took part. We hope this was good practice for our year-long 21 in 21 challenge, which we’ll be discussing next week on April Fool’s Night! Plus we’ll have a series of ten minute talks from our members, exploring different aspects of their photography passion. See you there, 8pm on 1st April 2021.

Keep snapping!