You’ll know if you’ve been reading your emails that Tandridge was invited to compete for the first time in the Croydon Camera Club Centenary Competition.

This took place last night and I’m delighted to report that Tandridge was placed joint third (out of 8), finishing just ONE point behind the winners!

The full results table looked like this:

1st Beckenham PS 68
2nd Carshalton CC 67.5
3rd = Tandridge PS 67
3rd = Old Coulsdon CC 67
5th Croydon CC 65.5
6th Sth London PS 65
7th West Wickham PS 64
8th Bromley CC 61.5

As you can see, it was a really tight contest. Moreover, out of four maximum (10) scores awarded by the judge, two went to Tandridge members Mike Farley and John Gribble who were, last night, playing for other teams (aaarghh!).

But well done ‘Team Tandridge’:

Brian Smith LRPS – Spanish Mystery
Mike Barker – Platforms
Clare Pickett LRPS – New Kids on the Block
John Nathan ARPS – Cupola in Budapest Hungary
Marcus Scott-Taggart – Standen
Peter O’Hare – The Still Morning Air, Osorno Chile
Sarah Bedwell LRPS – Shades of Winter
Jon Cowdock LRPS – Umbrellas up

And special thanks to our brilliant external competition secretaries
Carole Mills and Clare Pickett for organising our entry!

Join our Photo Fundamentals Group!

  • Is fear of your camera stopping you taking pictures?
  • Does pressing the ‘Menu’ button take you to a dark world that you don’t understand?
  • Do thoughts of f-numbers, shutter speeds and ISO settings throw you into a panic?
  • Ever felt like screaming WHY WON’T IT FOCUS WHERE I WANT IT TO???

Well you’re not alone, so we’re starting up a Photo Fundamentals special interest group to help you. The group will be open to TPS members only. We’ll start by meeting online for a series of talks, discussions and Q&A sessions and take things from there. There’ll be a few experienced photographers in the group to guide you through some of the basics and help you build your confidence.

Interested? If you’d like to join the group, email Jon Cowdock to get your name on the list, and include your preference/availability on which evenings of the week might be best for you (yes, we KNOW you’re busy on Thursdays…)

Once we have a feel for numbers and days, we’ll get the first session set up.

Off to a storming start!

Image by Jeff Vianna

The new season got off to a storming start with a loud, fast-paced slide show expertly prepared by Allister Frost.

Some 50 members joined the Zoom meeting.  Sarah Bedwell, our Chair, thanked those returning for the new season for their continued support at such a difficult time, and welcomed our new members.  She also thanked members for their generous contributions to the ‘Hardship Fund’ that the club had set up to assist any member suffering financial difficulty through the impacts of COVID.

There followed an overview of the excellent new season programme that Simon Bedwell has put together (Follow the ‘Events Programme’ tab at the top of the site to access the programme).

We heard reports from Dominic Murtagh on the summer of socially distanced out and about walks (some 9 local walks attended in total by 30 members) along with plans to continue the programme through the autumn.  Members had also enjoyed two ‘Challenge’ events held during the summer and in true ‘Oliver’ style, asked for more!  So keep your eye on the Website and events programme for news of autumn activity.

Sarah explained and outlined the new three class arrangements for competitions which had received broad support across the membership when we consulted over the summer.  [Note to committee – extra classes means extra prizes, so get ordering that silverware!]

Jon Cowdock announced the launch of our first ‘Special Interest Group’ – Photo Fundamentals – for members looking to get to grips with those camera modes and settings and take control of exposure, focusing etc.  Details of how to get involved with the group to follow shortly.  Jon also announced changes to club communications, with more news streamed on the website as and when it happens rather than waiting for a monthly newsletter.  You can get automatic email notifications of new items posted on the site by adding your email and clicking ‘Subscribe’ at the top of this page.

If anyone joined the call lacking inspiration, then surely by the end of Allister Frost’s presentation that must have changed.  Frankly, we were lucky not to lose half our audience as they grabbed their cameras and ran outside to try those night-time shots and other ideas Allister inspired us with!

Finally, Clare Pickett (our Surrey Photographic Association rep) talked through what looks like an ambitious programme of TPS participation in external competitions through the SPA and with other local clubs.

The 2020-21 season at TPS is under way, so bring it on!

Two into Three DOES go!

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey on our proposals to change the way we manage competitions. There was overwhelming support for the changes so we will start the new season with three classes. The member who wins each class will move up to the next (from club to intermediate, or from intermediate to advanced), at the end of each season.

You will all now have received an email with an attachment showing who will be in each class. As the survey explained, with one or two exceptions we have allocated everyone based on the scores for the 2019/20 season.

Sarah will say a little more about our thinking on this at the meeting on Thursday or answer any queries before that. Similarly if, having seen which class you’ve joined, you’d feel more comfortable in another class please would you let Jon Cowdock know before 10 September and we can look at this.

Finally, so that Judges have enough time to give everyone proper feedback, we will only be able to enter one image into each competition. We’ll keep this under review in case we can extend the entries towards the end of the year, but in any event that’s around 16 of your best images you will need to find if you enter every competition this season!

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