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Support TPS and win a staycation!

Just when you thought the Tandridge Lottery couldn’t get any more exciting (!), they’ve upped the ante and are offering a Family Forest Staycation in an upcoming prize draw.

As a reminder, 60% of all funds raised from the Tandridge Lottery go to local good causes. And if you choose to support TPS (and, frankly, why wouldn’t you?!), 50% of your ticket price comes directly to the club to help us bring in more great speakers and host special events for our members.

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The 2020-21 TPS Programme of Events

We’ve now added even more details of our 2020-21 programme of events to our Events Calendar and we’d love you to take a look.

Given the current Covid-19 restrictions, we’re working on the assumption that all TPS meetings up to the end of 2020 will take place online through Zoom Meetings. We’ll be complementing these with plenty of socially-distanced Out & Abouts to give members opportunities to meet up in person and take a few snaps.

After Christmas, well, it’s anyone’s guess what we’ll be allowed to do! But we’re hoping we’ll get back to in-person meetings, if on a slightly smaller scale if social distancing rules still apply. So, for now, we’re planning for selected 2021 meetings to be in person at our usual venues, with a backup that we may have to switch them to online or hybrid (part on-site, part online) gatherings if needed.

With all this in mind, the programme is currently about a rigid as a jelly in an earthquake! But at least we’ve all got something to aim for and some fabulous guest speakers and friendly competitions to stretch our photographic minds. Big thanks to Simon for helping pull together an awesome programme!

Don’t forget, vTPS kicks off at 8pm on 10th September with our special welcome evening where we’ll run through the first half of the 2020-21 programme, update members on the latest developments, and happily welcome a few new faces from our waiting list 🔓

Annual subs are now due. If you haven’t paid, please do so quickly to secure your place!

See you all on 10th September.

Until then, keep snapping! 😎📸

vTPS ‘Live’ Challenge 2

We had another fast’n’furious photography challenge yesterday with TPS members invited to take and share a photo for each of four set subjects. The catch? Images had to be straight out of the camera, no editing shenanigans allowed. Oh, and participants were only told about the challenges at 9.30am and had to complete their uploads by 4.30pm.

This week’s challenge subjects were:

vTPS ‘Live’ Challenge 2
Candid snap

Fun challenges like these are a great motivator to get out with a camera and capture some simple shots. For me, working to a brief helps exercise my ‘photography eye’, encouraging me to see more images around me. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to get now your camera better. Without the safety net of clever editing software, it’s good to spend a bit more time playing around with settings and thinking about how you can get as much as possible right in-camera. And it was nice to see many photographers trying out new settings in their cameras including some rather special photo effects.

At 7.30pm, participants dialled in to a Zoom call to chat about their day and their photos. There were some really zingers, as well as lots of healthy chat about why certain images came out the way they did. Lessons for everyone; that’s the TPS way!

All the photos are up on our TPS Out & About Flickr page, but here are a few that I’m able to share here. I’ll leave you to figure out which category each image belongs to!

(BTW, if you took part and none of your images appear above, it could be that you’ve blocked downloads in Flickr)

Thanks to everyone who took part for sharing your photos and expertise. Not long now until TPS returns for another fabulous season, which I can exclusively reveal has been creatively titled “2020-21”. See you all soon!

Who’s been Out & About?

Here’s a special summer recess report from Dominic:

With all Out & About activity from March to June suspended, I’m pleased to report that in recent weeks we have been able to venture out again, albeit on a small scale. The plan has been to run a number of short, local walks, each limited to a maximum of six people. As a result, we were able to accommodate 30 club members over five trips and capture some lovely images.

Trip 1 Staffhurst Woods – organised by John Nathan.

A pleasant walk through woods and fields, with opportunities to photograph trees, wild flowers and butterflies in conditions of ever-changing light. Beautiful!

Trips 2 and 3 Biggin Hill – organised by Jon Cowdock.

Two walks following footpaths, fields and meadows around Biggin Hill.  The macro lenses came out again for close-ups of flowers and butterflies, and the afternoon contingent were treated to a combine harvester in action, somehow converting a huge field of rapeseed into a lorry load of tiny black seeds (and an awful lot of dust, so no lens changes were attempted!)

Trips 4 and 5 Woldingham Woods – organised by Dominic Murtagh.

TPS O&A Woldingham, by Jon Cowdock

Intrepid Out and Abouters explored hilly Woodland Trust land on top of the North Downs. A few macro lenses came out as we crossed a flower filled meadow and for close-ups of tree barks and vegetation. As usual, some members seized opportunities to take sneaky shots of each other.

I am indebted to John and Jon for their assistance organising these special outings. Many thanks!

You can see more of our TPS members’ photos of these trips on our dedicated Flickr page:

Fancy getting Out & About?

August Out and Abouts

We’ve now emailed plans for more of these local trips for a maximum of six people through to the end of August. Book your place quickly though – they’re likely to be in high demand! Get in touch if you need more details.