TPS PDI Competition – Final Round

I missed last night’s TPS meeting so find myself at a distinct disadvantage when tasked with the write-up of the night. Dominic tells me the evening passed without incident. So, with no major dramas, glitches, or even streakers on the pitch to report, I’ll stick to sharing the cold hard facts of the scores, the overall winners, and your wonderful images.

There were some gorgeous photos on display for our guest judge, Peter Merry, to review. I’m constantly impressed by the quality and variety of images we produce at our special little club. Congratulations to everyone who had a go and I hope our judge gave you some constructive feedback to inspire your next photographic adventure.

And so to the scores… There are plenty of big numbers on the scoresheets, including eight, yes eight!, perfect tens. Susan Potter and Andrea Watson hit the high note in Club Class, Tim Baugh, Chris Fenton and Jeff Vianna reached perfection in Intermediate Class, and in Advanced Class the clever clogs were Sarah Bedwell, Marie-Ange Bouchard, and Jon Cowdock. Give yourselves a Covid-secure pat on the back!

The individual image scores are available here.

But this was also the final round in our 3-stage PDI competition so we also have some overall winners to announce:

Winner: Sheila Tattershaw (28.0 points)
Joint Runners up: Chris Cumming and Rehana Uddin (27.0 points)

Winner: Jeff Vianna (30.0 points)
Joint Runners up: Chris Fenton (27.5 points)

Winner: Peter O’Hare (29.5 points)
Joint Runners up: Jon Cowdock (29.0 points)

And a special mention must go to Jeff Vianna in Intermediate Class for achieving the stunning feat of getting a perfect score in every round. That’s a pretty special achievement, well done Jeff!

The final league tables are available here.

But I know you’re really here for the photos. So here are the judge’s favourite images from last night. All of these photos scored 9 or more out of 10. You can see their individual scores by hovering over each image. Or click to enlarge to take a closer look. You won’t be disappointed!

Club Class

Intermediate Class

Advanced Class

FAB-U-LOUS! Thanks to everyone for sharing their talent and inspiring so many others to get out and capture some photographic magic. Our next competition will be a welcome return to colour prints on 21st January. Dust off that printer, it will be submission time before you know it.

Next week at TPS things look set to get a little festive with our annual quiz. The word on the street is that this could be the most ambitious, dramatic and exciting quiz we’ve ever hosted, or I might have just made that up to build some tension! Either way, dig out your festive sweater and Santa hat, and we’ll look forward to seeing you all on Thursday 17th December at 8pm for our Big Christmas Quiz!

PS Jeff will be buying the first (virtual) round 😉

TPS Print Competitions Are Back!

Print competitions will resume in the New Year. Nearly two-thirds of members responding to the survey said they would – or were likely to – submit prints. Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey and sent in comments.

You should by now have received an email setting out details of how the competitions will be run in this season’s difficult circumstances, with supplementary guidance on how to enter. We’ll get this material up on the website too.

There will be two rounds of Colour Prints and two rounds of Monochrome prints, with 2 prints per round. The first Print Competition with be Colour Prints Round 1 on January 21st.

So dust off that printer and check your ink levels (or find yourself a commercial print service – either is acceptable)!

‘In and About’ Photo Challenge Day

Despite the dire weather forecast, 25 TPS members rose to the ‘In and About’ challenge on Sunday.  Participants had 4 themes to choose from:
    • Reflection
    • Taken at noon
    • A long exposure
    • I’ve never tried this before
Choosing 3 themes from 4 offered, they took pictures which had to be uploaded the same afternoon with no post-processing allowed.
We then got together via Zoom in the evening to see and discuss the images people had uploaded.  It was great to have so many members trying out genres or techniques that were new to them,  Some even dusted off their camera manuals to see what clever effects they could achieve.
Participants also enjoyed the informal discussion of images and how they had been taken – a great learning opportunity as well as a fun day of photography.  Here’s just a sample of the images taken, but you can see them all on the TPS Out and About Flickr Group –

Our TPS PDI Competition (Round 2)

Thanks to the topsy-turvy nature of 2020, we’ve already blasted through Round 2 of our annual PDI (Projected Digital Images) competition. In normal circumstances, we’d be well into the New Year before having to compile our Round 2 images, but this year is a little different.

What hasn’t changed though, is the quality of the images entered into our little club competition. Our guest judge, Tim Morland ARPS, did a fabulous job reviewing our photos and sharing helpful tips and ideas on where we could improve.

The full scores from Round 2 are now available here on our website on the results page. The league tables are taking shape now and, with only one round to go, there are plenty of people vying for the top spot in each of our three classes. Take a look at the tables and get to work on your next PDI. Round 3 will be judged on 10th December!

In time-honoured fashion, I’ve collated the judge’s favourite images from each of the classes. There are some cracking images in here; the standard in all three classes is superb! Give yourself a socially-distanced pat on the back if your image appears below; this means you scored 9 points or more. Bravo!

Club Class

Intermediate Class

Advanced Class

Superb work, as always TPSers! Thanks for sharing your talent and helping us all learn more about the magic of photography.

Next week, we’ve something different. We’ve not focussed much on audio visual skills at TPS in recent years, but it’s an area of photography that many may find interesting. So next week, we’ll be joined online by the AV Masters, Jill Bunting and John Smith, to discover easy ways to get started creating AV presentations. Who knows, maybe this could inspire an end of year project for a few of us, compiling our photographic memories of 2020 into an AV presentation with movement and music. Or,… perhaps 2020 might be a year you’d rather forget! Either way, join us for more Zoomy fun next Thursday. Full details of our next session are here:

The TPS Natural History Competition Winners

Last night saw the judging of our annual Natural History Competition at TPS. It’s a tough brief, to take a well-balanced, interesting photo of something from the natural world, depicted perfectly in its natural environment. Photos of Dave the Dachshund in the back garden are definitely out, but that still leaves an enormous variety of options for our intrepid army of photographers.

And our TPS members didn’t disappoint! We saw spiders, mallards, woodpeckers and woodlice, as well as few more exotic beasts. Plus, of course, some fabulous plants, rocks and fungi. Isn’t nature great?!

Thanks to our judge, David Carine LRPS, we have a winner of our 2020-21 Natural History Competition and that honour goes to Jon Cowdock LRPS for his stunning image of a Migrant Hawker Dragonfly. Well done Jon!

Migrant Hawker Dragonfly – Aeshna mixta by Jon Cowdock LRPS

We also had some very close runners up. In second pace was Geoff Spriegel with this delightful image of a cheetah and cub:

Cheetah and Cub on Termite Mound by Geoff Spriegel

And in third place was this dramatic image of elephant seals fighting by John Nathan ARPS:

Elephant Seals Fighting in Snowstorm by John Nathan ARPS

The full scores are available from our Competition Results page.

Thanks to everyone who took part. We hope you enjoyed the evening and feel inspired to capture some of the wonders of our natural world, maybe in readiness for next year’s competition.

Next week we’ve a guest speaker joining us over Zoom at vTPS. Paul Graber LRPS will be making the case for monochrome. Even with fancy digital cameras that can capture millions of colours, sometimes monochrome is all an image needs. For full event details visit our Events Listing, and join us from 8pm on Thursday for another inspirational evening at TPS. We look forward to seeing you there!

PS Don’t forget to put your clocks back this weekend. By my calculations, I reckon we all get a whole extra hour to capture some lovely photos!