How to sign up to TPS12, TPS52 and TPS365

As another year looms large on the horizon, it’s once again time for TPS members to gird their loins and sign up to a magnificent challenge (or two, or three…) for 2021.

We create new challenges each year to encourage our club members to take more photos and discover new ways to share their images and get helpful support from TPS friends.

In 2021, we’ll be running three challenges. TPS12 is the simplest, where members must take one image each month in 2021. TPS52 is a popular challenge, where members must take one image every week. And, finally, TPS365 is our most demanding but arguably most beneficial challenge, where members take one photo each day of the year.

We’ll share full details of how the challenges will work at our first club meeting on 7th January, but keep in mind you may need to take your first photo(s) before this meeting if joining in with TPS52 or TPS365. The headline rules though are simplicity themselves: take a photo, any photo, using any device, edit it if you wish (optional), then upload it when you can to your dedicated Flickr Group. To keep life simple, you don’t have to upload the image right away, but you must take your photo in the day/week/month relating to your chosen challenge(s). So, for TPS52, that means taking a photo each week (ending Sunday), then uploading them to Flickr when you can. There are no judges, no constraints, just some simple rules to help you develop greater photographic discipline and get supportive encouragement from other TPS members.

We’ve now created the private groups on Flickr where members can share their challenge photos throughout 2021. To sign up, you’ll need a free account on Flickr. If you don’t have this, you can sign up at Next, visit the link for the challenge(s) you’d like to join and request access by clicking the +Join Group button at the top of the screen.

TPS Flickr Groups (for TPS members only):




Your request to join will be approved by one of the group admins and you’ll then be ready to start uploading your images in 2021.

We hope you’ll feel inspired to take on one or more challenges in 2021. There’s simply no better way to improve your photography than by taking more photos. Get involved and get inspired! We think you’ll love it, the future’s bright!

If you have any questions or issues, please contact Dominic or leave a comment below.

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