Join our Photo Fundamentals Group!

  • Is fear of your camera stopping you taking pictures?
  • Does pressing the ‘Menu’ button take you to a dark world that you don’t understand?
  • Do thoughts of f-numbers, shutter speeds and ISO settings throw you into a panic?
  • Ever felt like screaming WHY WON’T IT FOCUS WHERE I WANT IT TO???

Well you’re not alone, so we’re starting up a Photo Fundamentals special interest group to help you. The group will be open to TPS members only. We’ll start by meeting online for a series of talks, discussions and Q&A sessions and take things from there. There’ll be a few experienced photographers in the group to guide you through some of the basics and help you build your confidence.

Interested? If you’d like to join the group, email Jon Cowdock to get your name on the list, and include your preference/availability on which evenings of the week might be best for you (yes, we KNOW you’re busy on Thursdays…)

Once we have a feel for numbers and days, we’ll get the first session set up.

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