Join the TPS Waiting List

TPS is now at full capacity for membership, so we are maintaining a Waiting List for people who would like to join.

If you have a place on the waiting list, we’ll contact you as soon as a space becomes available. And, to keep things fair and simple, spaces are awarded to new members on a first-come-first-served basis, so the sooner you join the waiting list, the sooner we can get you in. It’s like queuing to get into a popular night club, but without all booming music and embarrassing jigging about at the end of the wait.

To secure your spot on the membership waiting list, please email our Club Secretary Jon Cowdock and he’ll allocate your place.

We love welcoming in as many new members as possible but cap our membership number to help maintain the friendly, welcoming atmosphere that makes TPS so special.

Thanks for your understanding and we hope we’ll be able to welcome you into our club very soon.