Not Out & About

Even in semi-lockdown, hardy TPS photographers have been hard at work tackling photographic challenges in our latest Virtual Out & About event. While a few ventured outside into the wintry monsoon conditions, most chose to stay at home in the warm. But the resulting images were equally fascinating!

This month’s challenge was to take three photos aligned to any of the following themes:

  • Vintage
  • Winter
  • Three of a kind
  • Intentional camera movement

The catch? Photos had to be taken and uploaded to Flickr between 9am and 3pm. And no editing was allowed, the photos had to come straight out of the camera. Trickier than it sounds…

All of the photos can be enjoyed on our TPS Out & About Flickr Group. Here’s a small selection to whet your appetite. I’ll leave you to decide which category each image belongs to. Enjoy, and remember, none of these images have been edited, just straight from the camera:

Well done to everyone who took part. Creative and imaginative as always 👍

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