Not Out or About

TPS is now enjoying our summer recess, but that doesn’t mean our love of photography has to be put on hold.

Yesterday we hosted our first ever ‘Virtual Out and About’, giving TPS members an opportunity to join a group photography outing without having to go out or even meet anyone. Despite the patently ridiculous basis of this idea, it turned out to be a great excuse to learn more about our cameras and take some unexpected photos.

The brief was simple: receive email instructions at 10am, complete the photography challenge by 3pm, then reconvene with a glass in hand on a Zoom call later that day.

As 10am arrived, we eagerly checked our inboxes and learned we had to take photos to fit these three set subjects:

  • Backlighting
  • Looking down
  • Texture

Crucially, our three photos had to be totally unedited (cripes!) and shared to a Flickr Group by 3pm. The clock was ticking, and nearly 20 TPS members grabbed our cameras and set about snapping something suitable.

As camera club veterans will know, in every club there’s always one person who flouts convention and writes their own rules. And in our club it’s always Steve Elms! Within a few minutes Steve completed the challenge by submitting one image that brilliantly complied with all three set subjects:

3 in 1 by Steve Elms

No prizes though for Steve. This was a marathon, not a sprint. So I sat down to read the paper and have a cuppa.

Elsewhere, others were taking some fabulous images. Remember, all our photos were straight out of the camera and uploaded to Flickr. This means many of the images lack the finishing touches we love to apply. It turns out that not being able to crop or rotate an image means you have to hold the camera straight and many high contrast images are simply impossible to capture, especially on a bright sunny day. It was a great lesson in learning how to use your camera or smartphone correctly.

Here’s a tiny selection of some of the safely socially-distanced images we shared:


Looking down


You can enjoy all of the images on our TPS Flickr Out and About page at Take a look, add a comment, and give a star to each of your favourites.

We’re planning to host more out-of-season activities to give everyone fresh opportunities to dust off their cameras and enjoy photography with their TPS friends. Watch this space for updates 👀

Our thanks, as always, go to our intrepid Out and About leader Dominic Murtagh and to our ace Club Secretary Jon Cowdock for making great stuff happen. Here’s to not going out again very soon!