Our TPS PDI Competition (Round 2)

Thanks to the topsy-turvy nature of 2020, we’ve already blasted through Round 2 of our annual PDI (Projected Digital Images) competition. In normal circumstances, we’d be well into the New Year before having to compile our Round 2 images, but this year is a little different.

What hasn’t changed though, is the quality of the images entered into our little club competition. Our guest judge, Tim Morland ARPS, did a fabulous job reviewing our photos and sharing helpful tips and ideas on where we could improve.

The full scores from Round 2 are now available here on our website on the results page. The league tables are taking shape now and, with only one round to go, there are plenty of people vying for the top spot in each of our three classes. Take a look at the tables and get to work on your next PDI. Round 3 will be judged on 10th December!

In time-honoured fashion, I’ve collated the judge’s favourite images from each of the classes. There are some cracking images in here; the standard in all three classes is superb! Give yourself a socially-distanced pat on the back if your image appears below; this means you scored 9 points or more. Bravo!

Club Class

Intermediate Class

Advanced Class

Superb work, as always TPSers! Thanks for sharing your talent and helping us all learn more about the magic of photography.

Next week, we’ve something different. We’ve not focussed much on audio visual skills at TPS in recent years, but it’s an area of photography that many may find interesting. So next week, we’ll be joined online by the AV Masters, Jill Bunting and John Smith, to discover easy ways to get started creating AV presentations. Who knows, maybe this could inspire an end of year project for a few of us, compiling our photographic memories of 2020 into an AV presentation with movement and music. Or,… perhaps 2020 might be a year you’d rather forget! Either way, join us for more Zoomy fun next Thursday. Full details of our next session are here: http://tandridgephotographicsociety.org.uk/wptest55/event/guest-speaker-jill-bunting-john-smith/

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