Stunning Panel Competition Winners

Congratulations today go to our fabulous TPS photographers who really impressed the guest judge at our annual TPS Panel Competition.

It’s a special challenge, finding three images that sit well together and convey a story or meaning that one image alone could not portray. That’s why we always enjoy our panel competition!

Here’s a selection of the judge’s favourite photo panels including the amazing winning panel from Clare Wigfield.

Well done Clare, stunning photos! And, for everyone else, give yourselves a generous pat on the back if you got a mention; lovely work all round!

[click on any image to expand and view full size]

WINNER: Clare Wigfield – Water Fun

SECOND PLACE: Andrea Watson – Wild Things

THIRD PLACE: Simon Bedwell – Reflecting on Architecture

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Susan Potter – Calm Between the Storms

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Kirsti Brown – Make a Wish

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Dominic Murtagh – Bowl Bat Field

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Jon Cowdock – Winter Wonder in Miniature

Well done to all our TPS members who took part. We hope this was good practice for our year-long 21 in 21 challenge, which we’ll be discussing next week on April Fool’s Night! Plus we’ll have a series of ten minute talks from our members, exploring different aspects of their photography passion. See you there, 8pm on 1st April 2021.

Keep snapping!

The Bright Side – A TPS Set Subject Competition

Last night, Paul Parkinson LRPS CPAGB joined us at TPS to judge our set subject PDI (projected digital images) competition for images conveying “The Bright Side.”

We saw some lovely photos and enjoyed an epic Zoom cropping battle for which there was only ever going to be one winner! Our judge called out some image titles for not properly conveying the set subject or explaining the image contents; good advice that’s worth bearing in mind for future competitions, especially those with a set subject.

Thirty-five of our wonderful TPS members took part, giving Paul a substantial judging task. But judge he did and, after some careful reflection, two well-deserved joint winners were announced. Both were selected for their beautiful use of light, creating some magically atmospheric images.


Congratulations to Jan Yardley for her evocative photo “Filtered Sunlight”:

Jan Yardley - Filtered Sunlight

And well done too to our second joint winner John Howard for his magical shot “Evening light on the Taj Mahal”:

John Howard - Evening light on the Taj Mahal


With joint winners, there was just room left for a third place award, which goes to Brian Smith LRPS and his “Projections from the bright side”:

Brian Smith - Projections from the brightside

Well done to everyone who took part. Paul also picked out three images to be Highly Commended and another three that were Commended.

Check out all the award winners in the gallery below:

Don’t forget, we’ve our Not Out & About this Sunday. Contact Dominic if you’d like to take part and visit our special Flickr page for inspiration from recent challenges.

And next week, we’ve a one-of-a-kind talk from our resident judge, expert and travel guru John Nathan, when he’ll be sharing some of his favourite images from the fascinating country of Japan. See you all there in the usual place, 8pm on 18th March 2021. Bring your own snacks and a bottle 😉

“Timeless” Set Subject Competition

“Timeless” Set Subject Competition

Last night saw the judging our our latest set subject competition at TPS, where photos had to relate to the subject “Timeless”. This proved a challenging subject, with a wide interpretation from our members. This gave our guest judge, Sheila Haycox ARPS MPAGB EFIAP, some headaches in selecting her favourite images! Sheila noted there were several excellent images that didn’t make her shortlist, not for a lack of photographic merit but for not tying in to the set subject as well as other images.

Sheila pulled through though, shortlisting a whopping 14 entries, with five commended, six highly commended and three top placed winners.

Bravo to Clare Pickett LRPS for her beautiful winning photo entitled ‘Memories are timeless treasures’.

And well done to everyone who took part and thank you for sharing your photographic creativity with the rest of the club. Thanks too to Sheila for sharing her expert opinion 🙂

Here’s a gallery of our judge’s favourite images from the night. Hover over the images to see how they scored and click to enlarge and explore deeper.

Next week, we’ve another homegrown event with Jon Cowdock and Mike Barker sharing their experience of using non-subscription software for their photo editing. We’ll be exploring DxO Photolab 4, On1Photo Raw, and Affinity. Why not take a look at some of these packages this week and come armed with questions for our resident experts? It all kicks off at 8pm on Thursday 25th February. See you there!

TPS Triumphs in the 2021 Epsom Invitation Challenge

TPS enjoyed some late Valentine’s Day love on 15th February when we came first place in the 2021 Epsom Invitation Challenge! Hurray!

The competition, between five regional camera clubs, placed ten images from each club under close scrutiny by expert photography judge Roger Reynolds HonFRPS APAGB FBPPA FBPE. Each image was awarded a score out of ten, giving a maximum possible score of 100 points.

TPS won with 86 points, just half a point ahead of second placed Chichester Camera Club. But we’re calling that a landslide win, because we can!

And we got a certificate which is, of course, digital. But it looks very pretty in a virtual frame like this:

TPS Winner Certificate

In fact, the TPS photos were so beautiful, I think it’s best we appreciate them in a proper gallery, just like in the olden days. Take a look around:

If you’d like to inspect any of the images more closely, here’s a clickthrough gallery:

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our TPS photographers whose images generated such positive praise from the judge:

  • Sarah Bedwell LRPS
  • Peter Beard
  • Jan Yardley
  • Marie-Ange Bouchard ARPS CPAGB
  • Geoff Spriegel
  • Gary Comber
  • Clare Pickett LRPS
  • Simon Bedwell LRPS

Magical stuff! Well done TPS 🙂

Boosting your Health & Wellbeing with TPS Challenges in 2021

Last night we unveiled a new set of simple challenges for TPS Members in 2021. Our popular daily/weekly/monthly photo challenges are back, plus a bonus challenge for those taking photos weekly or monthly to create a ’21 in 21′ panel of images by the end of the year.

Countless TPS members have taken part in our challenges in recent years and this year looks set to be our best yet. But it’s not just about improving our photography skills, it’s also about given local photography enthusiasts a simple discipline to help support their mental health and wellness throughout the year.

A study by Lancaster University looked into the benefits of using photography for everyday wellbeing and found the simple act of taking and sharing a photo each day can be hugely beneficial in improving wellbeing. The study found it to be a positive act of self-care, an effective way of boosting community interactions and reducing loneliness, and an enabler of regular opportunities for positive reminiscence.

But, don’t take our word for it, here’s a short video from the researchers themselves:

Some of the most interesting findings came from research participants whose words echo many of the sentiments shared by TSP members at our talk last night:

Photography has been quite good for me over the years because I think it forces me to look at the world again. And also there’s a postural thing. If you’re only looking down, when you’re depressed and hunched over, it encourages you to look up or at least squat down and look at something different and to stop and smell the flowers … So I find it to be a very versatile self-care technique.

And this, another reminder of the value of giving ourselves just a few minutes of quiet time each day:

It’s really good to be able to take that five minutes every day to do something slightly creative, which I enjoy doing and I think is good for well-being. It’s positive in that it gives me something to look for. […] I think that’s very good for someone’s well-being.

You can read the full research extract here, but why not optimise your time by getting involved with one of our challenges instead?!

The 2021 TPS Challenges are as follows:

TPS12 – our simplest challenge. Just take one photo a month and share it to our Flickr group at

TPS52 – our weekly challenge. Just take one photo each week (ending on Sunday) and share it to our Flickr group at

TPS365 – our premium challenge for maximum long-term benefits. Take one photo every day and share it to our Flickr group at Daily photo sharing is not required just encouraged, but taking a photo each and every day is key.

Plus, for 2021 we’ve added a little twist, especially for our TPS52 and TPS365 participants where we’re inviting members to compile a unique ’21 in 21′ panel of images that captures the spirit of their year. To take part members take photos for our weekly and/or daily challenges as usual, but then collate their 21 favourite images into a 7×3 grid of squares like this:

There are no rules about what to feature and it’s up to each TPS member to decide how they would like to approach this task. Some may simply feature their favourite 21 images while others may wish to create a visual pattern using colours or image themes. The possibilities are endless; what matters most is that you choose something you like:

’21 in 21′ is just a bit of fun. One extra creative challenge to carry us through 2021 and create a truly unique memento of a year-long photographic journey. Plus, as the Lancaster University researchers have taught us, opportunities for positive reminiscence are good for the mind and great for the soul. More of that please!

We’ll add additional details about ’21 in 21′ to our website soon but for now, start thinking about what you might like to feature in your panel and begin taking photos that could make their way into your final grid of images. And be sure to join your chosen groups on Flickr today so you can start adding your images. Don’t worry if you’ve missed the first few days or weeks of the year; get involved when you can and start feeling the benefits right away!

Thanks to all our TPS members for sharing their photography and experiences with us, and special thanks to last night’s speakers Mike, Kirsti, Peter, Toni and Seb. Lovely work guys!