Competition Results – 2021 Special Series ‘SQUARE’

This week’s TPS Special Series competition was all about squares. Those perfect little shapes comprising four equal straight sides and four right angles. Simple, eh?! Well, it turns out there’s more to squares than I first thought!

This competition challenge came about to help TPS members who are creating a ’21 in 21′ panel as we start thinking about square-format images and the intriguing challenges and opportunities a 1:1 ratio image presents.

Our guest judge, Carole White-Griffiths LRPS helped us through the 41 entries and picked out her favourites and a winner in each of our competition classes.

The winning image in each of classes was:

CLUB Class – Stephen Whiteley for Blue Tit:

INTERMEDIATE Class –  Graham Idle for The Shutters Are Down:

ADVANCED Class – Clare Pickett LRPS for Field of Dreams:


Well done to our winners, great work!

And here’s a bonus gallery of all the highest scoring images (9 points or higher), as chosen by our guest judge. Hope these give you some ideas as you develop your ’21 in 21′ panel.

[Click to enlarge, hover to see the score]

What’s next at vTPS?

Waiting dutifully in the wings, we’ve a gaggle (is that the right word, or perhaps it should be a giggle?!) of expert speakers lined up at vTPS over the next fortnight. Next week, we’re looking forward to welcoming Sue O’Connell and Peter Brisley with their tales of “Travel Towards the Edge”. And then, the week after, we’ve David Hogg, to talk about his passion for Drone Photography and clever technology gizmos. [UPDATE!] we’ve Jerry Webb joining us to chat about “Breaking the Rules in Mono Photography.” (I’m guessing there’s possibly more to breaking the mono rules than inadvertently including colour in mono images!)

Until next Thursday at 8pm, adios!

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