Support TPS and win a staycation!

Just when you thought the Tandridge Lottery couldn’t get any more exciting (!), they’ve upped the ante and are offering a Family Forest Staycation in an upcoming prize draw.

As a reminder, 60% of all funds raised from the Tandridge Lottery go to local good causes. And if you choose to support TPS (and, frankly, why wouldn’t you?!), 50% of your ticket price comes directly to the club to help us bring in more great speakers and host special events for our members.

The lottery draws take place every Saturday and one lucky player is guaranteed to win a Forest Holidays Staycation in the draw on 31st October. There’s also a £25,000 jackpot prize in every draw.

If you would like to support TPS and other local good causes, sign up for some tickets today from our special link:

Or simply visit

Thank you and good luck!

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