What’s New in Lightroom?

Adobe’s May Update to Lightroom Classic includes some neat new features that many at TPS may be pleased to discover.

For portrait photographers, there’s a brand new Texture editing slider (look in the Develop module) that is designed to help accentuate or smooth details like skin and hair. It’s less aggressive than adjusting image clarity because it aims to affect only medium-sized image details and so can deliver a natural looking smoothing (or sharpening) effect.

As with all things in Lightroom, go easy with this slider. It might be tempting to banish Great Aunt Norma’s wrinkles for good, but too extreme a texture adjustment will be at the expense of photo-realism. It’s also a super tool for accentuating hair and feather detail, which might be helpful for some wildlife photography (and those snaps of hairy Uncle Bob).

Here’s a quick Texture test on one of my monochrome images:

Bangkok Elder by Allister Frost

You can also apply Texture adjustments with the local adjustment brush, radial filter and graduated filters. Go and have a play!

There’s also a new Defringe feature in the Optics section which can help remove green/purple fringes cause by lens chromatic aberrations. Pretty neat if any of your images suffer from this optical anomaly.

And there are some neat new image sharing features which some TPS members may find helpful if they regularly get ideas and feedback from a buddy or mentor. Or maybe this new update is the perfect excuse for you to create some shared photo albums so you can partner with a TPS friend to make next season’s images even better?

For the full details, check out Adobe’s write-up of the new features here.

So, that’s lots of new editing goodness to help you make next season’s images even more awesome. Enjoy!