The Results – Special Series Mono Competition

Wow, I’ve missed monochrome images, haven’t you?! There’s something very special about stripping away the colours and focussing the eyes on pure, raw textures and really appreciating the way light falls on a subject.

Last night’s competition attracted a bumper crop of images, which our guest judge Paul Graber LRPS dutifully picked through to select his favourites.

The winning images in each of our classes were:

CLUB Class – Chris Cumming for Jazzy Spoons:

INTERMEDIATE Class –  Mike Barker for Olympic Park Pool Building:


ADVANCED Class – Marie-Ange Bouchard for At Sail By Moonlight:



Stunning photos by the TPS gang!

And, to wrap up, here’s a gallery of the highest scoring images, as selected by Paul Graber. Can you find inspiration here to create some magical mono images for our next competition?

Next week, we’re looking forward to thinking about printing (remember that?!) and picking up some top tips from our guest speaker from Permajet, the professional paper people. There will also be a special discount off of Permajet papers so if your store cupboard needs a top-up this could be the perfect event for you! See you there, 8pm on Thursday 29th April!

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