TPS Update

As TPS members may have read in Sarah and Jon’s emails, we’ve had to postpone the remainder of this season’s planned TPS agenda due to the spread of Coronavirus.

It’s become a bit of a cliche in recent days, but your health and well-being really are our primary concerns, so we’re following UK Government health advice during this difficult time.

The TPS Committee is busily working behind the scenes exploring potential activities that we can safely support in the coming weeks and months. We’ll update you with full details when we have them.

Crocus Flowers

Until then, please remember there have been no reports of photography equipment being materially affected by the virus 😉 so please continue to enjoy your photography hobby safely.

Tidy up that camera bag (you’ve been meaning to do it for a while!) and clean those dusty old lenses. Recharge your batteries and start thinking of clever ways you can use your time to take amazing photos. This is a great month to capture fresh spring growth and also to photograph places that would normally be bustling with people and traffic. An early morning walk is a fine way to enjoy the fresh air without bumping into too many people, so set your alarm clock and make the most of our spring mornings.

Most importantly, remember to keep your camera equipment clean and to wash your hands before, during and after every expedition.

If you’re stuck at home, please keep taking photos, even if it’s just to document your experience during these unusual times. And be sure to stay in touch with your TPS friends through whatever means you have available.

How to stay in touch

You can comment on any post on our website (like this one you’re reading right here right now – just click on the little red ‘Leave a comment’ link below!). We’d love to hear from you.

Or you can get in touch with your TPS committee members via the details on our Contacts page.

And we’ve a TPS Members Only Group on Facebook at Come and join in!

And finally, we’ve our TPS Page on Facebook (accessible by the entire planet!) at Feel free to comment and share.

Thanks again for your support and understanding during this difficult time. Stay safe and healthy. We’ll get through this. Normal service will resume as soon as possible 🙂 x