Two into Three DOES go!

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey on our proposals to change the way we manage competitions. There was overwhelming support for the changes so we will start the new season with three classes. The member who wins each class will move up to the next (from club to intermediate, or from intermediate to advanced), at the end of each season.

You will all now have received an email with an attachment showing who will be in each class. As the survey explained, with one or two exceptions we have allocated everyone based on the scores for the 2019/20 season.

Sarah will say a little more about our thinking on this at the meeting on Thursday or answer any queries before that. Similarly if, having seen which class you’ve joined, you’d feel more comfortable in another class please would you let Jon Cowdock know before 10 September and we can look at this.

Finally, so that Judges have enough time to give everyone proper feedback, we will only be able to enter one image into each competition. We’ll keep this under review in case we can extend the entries towards the end of the year, but in any event that’s around 16 of your best images you will need to find if you enter every competition this season!

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