Safe Meetings Code

The majority of those members willing to return to physical meetings have asked that we have social distancing in place.  Please respect the wishes of your fellow TPS members by adhering to this simple code until such time as we can safely relax our social distancing arrangements.

While this code is voluntary, we ask that out of consideration for your fellow TPS members you adhere to the following requests.

Should you attend?

Please DO NOT attend if:

  • You have any Covid symptoms
  • You have had a recent positive Lateral Flow or PCR test
  • You are self-isolating following contact with someone who has Covid

If you are attending a TPS meeting we will assume that you are fully vaccinated, or that you have taken a negative Lateral Flow test within 48 hours of the meeting.

When you arrive

Please use the hand sanitiser provided before picking up your name badge.

During the meeting

Please observe social distancing.  We have spaced out the seating to facilitate this and will make sure that the building is well ventilated.

Out of consideration for fellow members, we ask that you wear a mask while moving around indoors if you are able to do so.  Masks may be removed while seated for presentations

Following the meeting

If you test positive for COVID within 48 hours of attending the meeting, please notify TPS (email straight away. We can then inform members that someone at the meeting has tested positive.

Given the duration and indoor setting for our meetings, other members present are likely to be classed as having been in close contact with you, so both you and they will need to follow the relevant Government guidance and procedures (see links below).

If you’ve tested positive –

If we notify you that someone at the meeting has tested positive –