Results for 2019-2020

The scores for our TPS 2019-20 competitions are available below:

Projected Images:

Colour Prints:

Monochrome Prints:

Natural History scores

Three-Panel Scores

Well done to the winners of this season’s TPS Competitions:

Natural History (Prints)Brian Smith LRPS
Geoff Spriegel
Natural History (PDI = Projected Digital Image)Geoff Spriegel
Robin Cloquet Trophy (PDI: “Music”)Peter Veale
Daphne Cloquet Trophy (PDI: “Weather”)Gary Watson, Jeff Vianna & Jon Cowdock
Tandridge Creative Cup (PDI: “Creative Photography”)Mike Barker
Alex Braid Trophy (Colour Prints: 3 Print Panel)Sarah Bedwell LRPS
Brian Smith LRPS
Alex Braid Trophy (Monochrome Prints: 3 Print Panel)Sarah Bedwell LRPS
Alex Braid Medal (PDI: 3 Image Panel)Brian Smith LRPS
Barbara Witherington
John Fox Trophy (PDI: Club)Gary Coomber
Philips Cup (PDI: Advanced)Marie-Ange Bouchard ARPS &
Clare Pickett LRPS
Margaret Streeton Cup (Colour Prints: Club)Malcolm Field LRPS
David Moore Cup (Colour Prints: Advanced)Marie-Ange Bouchard ARPS CPAGB
Birchall Trophy (Monochrome Prints: Club)Malcolm Field LRPS
Philips Cup (Monochrome Prints: Advanced)Simon Bedwell LRPS
Ursula Spicer Trophy (Members’ Favourite Monochrome Print)tbc
Shirley Daniell Shield (Members’ Favourite Colour Print)tbc