Results for 2020-21

You’ll find full scores for our TPS 2020-21 competitions below:

Projected Images:

Special Series 2021 PDI:

Natural History PDIs scores

Confirmed winners of this season’s TPS Competitions are as follows:

Competition Winner
Natural History Print n/a
Natural History PDI (Projected Digital Image) Jon Cowdock LRPS
Robin Cloquet Trophy for “The Bright Side” PDI Jan Yardley and John Howard
Daphne Cloquet Trophy for “Timeless” PDI Clare Pickett LRPS
Tandridge Creative Cup for “Creative Photography” PDI Andrea Watson
Alex Braid Trophy for 3 Image Panel of Colour Prints n/a
Alex Braid Trophy for 3 Image Panel of Monochrome Prints n/a
Alex Braid Medal for 3 Image Panel of PDIs Clare Wigfield
John Fox Trophy for Club PDIs Sheila Tattershaw
Intermediate PDIs Jeff Vianna
Philips Cup for Advanced PDIs Peter O’Hare
Special Series 2021 Club Class PDI Marcel Wizenberg
Special Series 2021 Intermediate Class PDI Mike Barker
Special Series 2021 Advanced Class PDI Marie-Ange Bouchard ARPS CPAGB
Margaret Streeton Cup for Club Colour Prints n/a
Intermediate Colour Prints n/a
David Moore Cup for Advanced Colour Prints n/a
Birchall Trophy for Club Monochrome Prints n/a
Intermediate Monochrome Prints n/a
Philips Cup for Advanced Monochrome Prints n/a
Ursula Spicer Trophy for Members’ Favourite Monochrome Print n/a
Shirley Daniell Shield for Members’ Favourite Colour Print n/a