TPS Challenges

At TPS, we love a challenge! Each year we organise friendly year-round challenges to give our members even more opportunities to take and share photos and develop their skills. These challenges are entirely voluntary and are not judged as part of a formal competition. Participation is encouraged though, as there’s no better way to improve your photography skills than by taking lots of photos!

Full details are explained during our regular TPS club meetings but get in touch if you need additional guidance or support.

TPS 365/52/12

Each year we invite members to join one of our year-round TPS Challenges hosted in special Flickr Groups. There are three challenges, of varying degrees of difficulty:

– TPS12 is the simplest, where members take and share one image each month
– TPS52 is a weekly challenge, where members take and share one image every week
– TPS365 is our most demanding but most beneficial challenge, where members take and share one photo each day of the year

All photos are shared to our private Flickr Groups, where other members can comment and offer advice and support.